A dragon’s magical nature allows it to breed with virtually any creature. Conception usually occurs while the dragon has changed its shape; it then usually abandons the crossbreed offspring. Half-dragon creatures are always more formidable than others of their kind that do not have dragon blood, and their appearance betrays their nature — scales, elongated features, reptilian eyes, exaggerated teeth and claws, and large, draconic wings. Although Half-Dragon are normally influenced by the desires and attributes of their parent dragon, this is not always exclusively the case, and some half-dragons may even choose to live their lives in complete opposite alignment to the dragon blood coursing through their veins. These particular half-dragons discover their choices in life may lead to additional hardships than normal practitioners of their beliefs, after all, in society it would be hard to fully trust a good-aligned black half-dragon, just as it would be difficult to take an evil-aligned golden half-dragon seriously.

Half-Dragon characters possess the following racial traits in addition to the traits of their base race.

  • +8 Strength, +6 Constitution, +2 Intellegence, and +2 Charisma.
  • Size: As base race.
  • Type: Changes to Dragon.
  • Speed: Gains dragon wings that allow it to fly at twice the base race's land speed, with average maneuverability.
  • Armor Class: Natural Armor is improved by +4
  • Attack: A half-dragon has two claw attacks and a bite attack, and the claws are the primary natural weapon. If the base creature can use weapons, the half-dragon retains this ability. A half-dragon fighting without weapons uses a claw when making an attack action. When it has a weapon, it usually uses the weapon instead. A half-dragon fighting without weapons uses both claws and its bite when making a full attack. If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as its primary attack and its bite as a natural secondary attack. If it has a hand free, it uses a claw as an additional natural secondary attack. If the base creature does not have these attack forms naturally, use the damage values in the table below. Otherwise, use the values below or the base creature’s damage values, whichever are greater.
Size Bite Damage Claw Damage
Fine 1 -
Diminutive 1d2 1
Tiny 1d3 1d2
Small 1d4 1d3
Medium 1d6 1d4
Large 1d8 1d6
Huge 2d6 1d8
Gargantuan 3d6 2d6
Colossal 4d6 3d6
  • Special Attacks:
    • A half-dragon retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains a breath weapon based on the dragon variety (see table), usable once every 1d4 rounds in combat. A half-dragon’s breath weapon deals 1d6 points of damage per HD the character possess. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + ½ half-dragon’s HD + half-dragon’s Con modifier) reduces damage by half.
Dragon Variety Breath Weapon
Black 60-foot line of acid
Blue 60-foot line of lightning
Green 30-foot cone of corrosive (acid) gas
Red 30-foot cone of fire
White 30-foot cone of cold
Brass 60-foot line of fire
Bronze 60-foot line of lightning
Copper 60-foot line of acid
Gold 30-foot cone of fire
Silver 30-foot cone of cold
  • Special Qualities:
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Darkvision 60 ft.
    • Immunities — to sleep and paralysis effects, and an additional immunity based on its dragon variety.
Dragon Variety Immunity
Black Acid
Blue Electricity
Green Acid
Red Fire
White Cold
Brass Fire
Bronze Electricity
Copper Acid
Gold Fire
Silver Cold
  • Automatic Languages: Draconic.
  • Alignment: A half-dragon is normally influnced by whatever alignment their parent dragon type normally is, however this is not verbatim. As such, a half-dragon may be whatever alignment type that it likes without penalty, regardless of ancestory.
  • Level adjustment +2

Note: Keep it to Chromatic, Metallic, and Gem dragons for now.
Note: To prevent overpopulation of a race that is rare to the setting, an acceptable storyline is required from the player before a request will be accepted and approved.