Half-Fey vary wildly in their appearance, and no two are exactly alike. Half-Fey can either be beautiful and comely, with exaggerated and chiseled features, or misshapen and troll-like. Sometimes it is apparent from birth that a child is not normal, but other times it takes several years for odd features to emerge. Regardless of what form they take, half-fey are always charismatic and intriguing to gaze upon. They always have at least one or more distinctive attribute, such as wings, jeweled or knotty skin, or hair made of flowers. Half-Fey never truly fit into any mortal society, being considered alien and strange beyond compare. Because of their ability to charm and lay curses, some half-fey are persecuted by superstitious populations. However, half-fey are usually accepted to some degree among fey, who look past superficial aspects such as appearance. Good half-fey are usually devoted, if capricious, defenders of the wilderness and do their best to keep it unspoiled. Evil half-fey are malicious, petty, vindictive, and sadistic, delighting in the chaos and mayhem they can cause.

Half-Fey characters possess the following racial traits in addition to the traits of their base race.

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma, and -2 Constitution.
  • Size: As base race.
  • Type: Changes to Fey.
  • Speed: Gains butterfly like wings that allow it to fly at twice the base race's land speed, with good maneuverability.
  • Special Attacks:
    • Spell-Like Abilities —A half-fey with Wisdom or Charisma of 8 or higher (after the ability score adjustments noted below) gains spell-like abilities, using its Hit Dice as its caster level. The table below lists the abilities available. These abilities are cumulative; a half-fey with 3 HD can use the abilities on the 1–2 HD row on the table as well as those on the 3–4 HD row. When a half-fey gets a choice between two abilities (such as faerie fire or glitterdust at 1–2 HD), it can choose anew between these abilities each day.
HD Spell Like Abilities
1-2 Charm Person @ Will
Hypnotism 1/day
Faerie Fire or Glitterdust 1/day
3-4 Detect Law 3/day
Sleep or Enthrall 1/day
5-6 Protection from Law 3/day
Hideous Laughter or Suggestion 1/day
7-8 Confusion 1/day
9-10 Eyebite or Lesser Geas 1/day
11-12 Dominate Person or Hold Monster 1/day
13-14 Invisibility, mass 1/day
15-16 Geas/Quest or Suggestion, Mass 1/day
17-18 Insanity 1/day
19+ Irresistible Dance 1/day
  • Special Qualities:
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Immunities — to enchantment spells and effects
  • Automatic Languages: Sylvan.
  • Level adjustment +2