Hallow S Eve The War Begins

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Damien Redd, level 8 raccoonfolk barbarian rogue
Seren Arc, level 11 dragon-blooded human sorcerer/initiate of the sevenfold veil
Aerybeth Lightsworn, level 8 elven paladin
Ariel Seolla, level 11 human duskblade
Eve White, level 11 changeling wizard/mage of the arcane order
Kael, level 11 wolfen cleric/radiant servant
Serenity, level 8 human psion
Aeron, level 11 lightlost human warblade

3 orc barbarians "Sal and the Maskmen" (CR 8 each, CR 11 total)
6 blood elementals (found at http://wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/sb/sb20030208a and CR 6 each, CR 11 total)
3 kaorti sorcerers/elemental savants (CR 9 each, CR 12 total)

Damien, Aerybeth, and Serenity: 3,000 xp for each
Seren, Ariel, Eve, Kael, and Aeron: 1,450 xp for each

4,650 gp for each in strange, alien gems, alchemical equipment, and works of oterworldly art
Can choose one of the following as a reward (there is enough for each party member to have any one of these possible rewards):

  • Resin that will give any one piece of armor or shield the Mindarmor enchantment (3,000 gp value; Magic Item Compendium page 15; +5 to Will saves to resist mind-affecting spells and abilities until the start of one's next turn, with 3 charges per day).
  • A mirrored shield of an alien blood red metal that acts as a +1 Shield of Mercy(MiC page 21; 2,170 gp value; +1 heavy shield that can channel a Smite attempt into healing the same amount of bonus damage that would normally have been dealt by the smite, plus one's Wisdom bonus.)
  • A slick black resin that, when applied to a weapon, turns it into a Hideaway weapon (+2,000 gp value, allows weapon, when activated, to fold up to two size categories smaller, giving a +2 to concealment attempts, or to fold out on command; MiC page 36.)
  • Meteoric Knife, made from translucent amber-colored crystal (2,802 gp value; +1 dagger with 3 daily charges, renewed at dawn; spending charges will cause the following: 1 - becomes a Returning weapon; 2 - becomes a Flaming and Returning weapon; 3 charges - becomes a Flaming, Returning weapon, and also causes a 3d6 fire damage explosion to the target and all those adjacent, DC 14 Relxex save for half.)
  • Greatreach Bracers, made of bright silver metal that melds with the arms when they are used (MiC pg. 108; 2,000 gp value; allows +10' of reach for 1 round 3/day.)
  • Goggles of Lifesight (MiC pg. 108; 2,000 gp value; know if a creature looked at is living, dead, or neither 3/day.)

Quest Summary:
As the party were walking along the streets, watching the children going from door to door just pre-curfew, under many watchful, protective eyes, they noticed that some of them seemed to be wobbly on their feet. Tearing off a few of their masks, they found that the masks were causing the children to mutate. After quickly finding out from the kids where they'd gotten the masks, they went to investigate the shop of Sal, an orcish maskmaker by the docks. When they knocked on the door, they were greeted by three seemingly disembodied masked faces (an effect caused by the shadows beyond the door). When the party grew agitated, they got into a fight, killing the skullfaced and devilfaced mask wearers, and capturing the witchfaced mask wearing female orc, Sal, to turn over to the police after the adventure.

As it turned out, Sal and her cronies were working with the kaorti to spread tainted masks, and were just one of several agents across Therafim doing so. The party discovered a book made of strange hide, and upon opening it, discovered it became a sort of flip book that showed a path to another world - the Far Realm.

Entering the Far Realm, the party did battle with the hideous abominations - blood golems - that were empowering the masks in an alchemical lab, and then barged into the primary control room, where three kaorti Cleansers were watching the descent of the kaorti towards the planet of Therafim. The kaorti invasion will begin in earnest in a month or so as their strange living craft start to land, and the most recent conflicts of Therafim start to be resolved (so as not to steal thunder from others, of course).

The party did battle with the three kaorti sorcerer Cleansers, and then smashed the control crystal that was being used to feed kaorti thoughts into the minds of the children wearing their masks. The masks melted soon after into harmless goo, and the party managed to gather up several interesting kaorti artifacts before they fled the control center as it collapsed back into the chaos of the Far Realm.

XP and REP Awarded by Scathien