Hasken's Manor

Hasken's Manor

DM Name: Abbassia

Myr, Level 6/8 Changeling, Abyssal Battle Sorcerer
Rosalyn Aglaie, Level 5+2/7+2, Half-Fey, Cleric of Tamara
Shiari, Level 7, Pantheri, Ranger/Deepwood Sniper
Voss, Level 6, Duergar, Beguiler

See each session for details…

Rosalyn: 2,781 XP
Shiari: 3,200 XP
Myr: 3,213 XP
Voss: 2,063 XP

All: One Magical Item within the magic item limit (within reason and ops approval)
Voss: 1,275 GP + 4 Bottles of Vintage Assassin Grapevine Wine (worth 200 GP in total)
Everyone Else: 5,475 GP

Quest Summary:
See sessions for further details.

Loose ends:

Genna the Hag: The hag was part of a hag coven being hunted by a Paladin of Bahamut, though the Paladin was able to eliminate the rest of the coven, Genna and her bodyguard giants were able to ambush and kill the paladin, looting his equipment. The Paladin was later resurrected by his party and had set out again to hunt Genna, the latter found refuge at Hasken's Manor, killing the hobgoblins who were encamped there before coming into contact with our heroes. The Paladin had only just reached Haskenport and is delighted with the news, offering you a reward for the Hag's demise (and the return of his gear) in addition to the reward for clearing Hasken's Manor. (reflected in the rewards already)

The Lockbox: Still very much missing, it seemed the hobgoblins may had something to do with its disappearance but with them dead, that cannot be known.

The Manacles of Freedom: the Manacles, along with other artifacts were transferred to the temple of Sol Invictus, who were pleased to retrieve the Manacles and offered to allow you to keep any of the other items you found in the vault or exchange them with something equitable from the Temple's own vaults.

Haskenport Mushrooms: Gram remembered to get some, refusing to accept any reimbursement in any form other than the edible meal, paid over time.

The Shore Nymph: still in distress.