Heavens Ascent

Outward appearance
Heavens Ascent appears to be an elaborate stronghold made of a pristine white marbol stone set with elaborate decorative inlays that seems to be floating on a cloud that has settled on the ground. The core of the building has squat three story tower which can be seen from some distance away.

On what other buildings may have as a 10' ground floor, Heavens Ascent has a stone and steel foundation made of hard stone and metal that reaches down into the earth. 'Basement' levels that pass threw this foundation leave at least 15' of solid materials to any side. This foundation serves several functions, from stopping stone burrowing creatures, to support and root the upper and lower structures in place threw even the mightiest storms, to prevent battering ram attacks, and to provide an elevated wall on which guards can survey the area.
Enchantments : An Obscuring Mist spell flows around the outside of the foundation preventing a direct line of sight to the foundation except during windy days (21+mph). It lends Heavens Ascent the appearance that it seems to be floating on a cloud, and also is handy for causing chaos among besiegers that try to assault the walls. As the fog lingers at a 5' height along the ground it does not obstruct the guards vision leaving them with a clear view of any besiegers.

Guard posts
Heavens Ascent has several guard posts that provide both functionality as well as a pleasant appearance to the structure. Each post is actually very small, really no bigger then a space to hold a medium sized person and a chair. Two people could perhaps fit in one if they don't mind being squashed together.
Enchantments An endure elements spell is on each guard post so that a person standing watch wont suffer from natural weather and an Eyes Of The Avoral effects anyone looking out of the windows thereby granting a +8 spot bonus to persons on guard duty.
Guard equipment Guards are equipped with a bow and melee weapon to handle mundane foes, and a Hammersphere (MIC p161) to deal with incorporeal or magical creatures their normal weapons do not work on.

Outside Entrance
A series of stairs lead up to a section of the foundation that is watched by a guard post. A small drawbridge is lowered over a gap when guests are expected and provides a simple security measure. Large sized creatures may feel the entrance way is a bit snug, and huge sized creatures find this entrance too small to use.

This outdoor area topped off with the same pristine white marbling as the walls is suitable for outdoor gatherings or dinning. More often however it simply serves as a walkway for guards to get to and fro and eat their meals at. There is a small pool set in the center as decoration and has a blessed statue of Bast at one of its edges.

Enchantments The pool is magically heated to serve as a hot tub and has illusionary fish in it.

Entry Hall
The main entry into Heaven Ascents inside rooms is a feast hall. Here guests are welcomed, have plush seating arrangements,and can enjoy the pleasant decor. Elaborate stairs at the far provides access to upper and lower floors and a discrete water closet is available should guests need it.

Enchantments Ghost Sound provides uplifting celestial music while persons are in the room and a Hero's Feast is provided for important meals. Enchanted water closet to dispose of waste and prevent nasty smells.

Second floor
The second floor is a ball room, set with a performance stage in mind. Large open windows along one side of the room let in an abundance of light in as well as provides a pleasant view of Avalon. When not entertaining guests it also serves as a practice room for spells and combat, a conference room for planning, or a map room.

Third Floor
The third floor is a viewing room and lounge. Enchantments provide much of this rooms glamour and the furniture has been tailored to give it a distinct cloud like appearance. The floor is enchanted to seem fluffy and cloud like while the walls and ceiling provide an unobstructed view out into the distance. Rainy days are particularly unpleasant here but overall its very pleasant and is a different way for a person to get in touch with the feel of nature.

Enchantments - A magical sensor resides high above Heavens Ascent and illusions cloak the room in such a way as to make it appear the room is actually a cloud floating high above Avalon. Wind and sound effects are added as well, however being just illusions natural lighting and the like wont actually hurt guests, just give them a bit of a scare.

The roof is not normally accessible by guests, and is simply an area with more guard posts and two mounted balista in case of an ariel attack.

Basements 1-4
Waterclausets, Master bedroom, bedrooms, guestrooms, storage, to be determined

Basement level 4
The final level of Heavens Ascent is actually partly exposed down into the ceiling of Undercity. There is an emergency exit door on this level, however there are no stairs or ladders leading to it and it is barred, locked, arcane locked, and protected by a localized dimensional anchor. Its primary function is an emergency exit should Heavens Ascent be overrun and is not an entrance.
Enchantments Arcane lock, dimensional anchor.

Surrounding area
Large plots of land surrounding Heavens Ascent are dedicated as a park and preserve. Trees are scattered about as and there is a large sandy playground area. Small hills provide excellent burros for the intelligent fire bunnies that make their home here. As long as guests do not harrass or poach the fire bunnies they are welcome to enjoy the vista. Poachers may well learn that the balista on top of Heavens Ascent can reach them anywhere on the preserve.