Hellspawned Mayhem

Quest Title:
Hell-spawned Mayhem

DM Name:


  • Raibert - Lvl 1 Human Paladin
  • Ziyanani - Lvl 3 Beastkin Psychic Rogue
  • Nerylos - Lvl 3 Lizardman Ranger
  • Octavi - Lvl 1 Human Druid


  • Imps (6) CR 2 each


  • 900 EXP each


  • 1500 gold each

Quest Summary:

The city guards have issued forth a call to adventurers to help with a situation outside the city, since all of there men were dealing with unrest in the city itself and no one could be spared. Monsters were reported attacking an outpost an hour outside of town. The group of adventurers set forth, after being conscripted by the guard, to check things out. As they exited the city, a large tower of billowing smoke is seen on the horizon. As they get closer they can here a loud clambering in the vicinity of the outpost. There they find a group of Imps taunting and poking the bodies of the dead guards posted here. The bodies were hung on posts and stripped to add to the humiliation. Gaining the attention of the band of Imps, the Paladin Stepped forth while the others waited, hidden and ready to strike. A few of the Imps became invisible while the others sought out there new target. The adventurers found that these creature were indeed a challenge as their blows seemed to do little damage. The Imps were finally vanquished and the party emerged victorious.
Searching the ruins of the outpost, a summoning circle was found. This indicated that these creatures were brought here, probably to reek havoc on the city. But by Whom?