House Rules

General House Rules

  • Be cool, and know when to chill.
  • Have fun, or else.
  • We have a loose policy against channel idling, but players in a channel have the right to request an administrator clear a roleplaying channel of idlers.
  • If you are caught rolling in any channel or posting in a channel alone or in a channel where no active scene is taking place, it will result in a warning first and loss of all xp. If you are caught doing this again, this will result in a permanent ban from the channel. This is something that simply will not be tolerated at all.
  • It is not appropriate, polite, or acceptable to comment oocly on someone's rp. Unless you are asked by a player to give feedback, don't do it, keep your opinions to yourself, this includes the ooc chan and pm's. You will be warned once and then a one hour ban will be put into place, second offense will be a 24 hour ban, and the third time will result in a permanent ban.
  • Please do not pm someone, either through the wikia or the forums, without ensuring that they are all right with it first. Staff are, of course, exempt from this rule, both on the giving and on the receiving ends - they can pm anyone, and can be pm'ed by anyone, as a part of their duties.
  • Home-brewed doesn't exist here, don't ask. Any requests for WoTC material not listed as approved or denied should be requested via the appropriate discussion tabs or brought up with the proper staff before it is posted for use.
  • Avoid being exclusive in your roleplaying habits and practices. Avoid forming cliques that actively exclude others from play, or work to beat the system in any fashion.
  • Guidelines for expected standards of roleplaying are found on the Roleplaying Guide page.

General Gameplay

  • The basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons can be found here in the System Reference Document (often called the SRD).
  • All casting (Arcane and Divine) is considered spontaneous. However this does mean all casting is treated as such, meaning metamagics require a full round to apply without appropriate training, such as the Rapid Metamagic feat.
  • There is an Award Point System in use, otherwise known as Reward Points, or REP. Please note: if you want to receive REP, you need to set up a page here so that your REP can be properly recorded.
  • Eschewing Materials - All spellcasters can ignore material costs up to 125gp. Taking the feat Eschew Materials doubles this to 250gp.
  • HP generation is the maximum +/- the character's Constitution bonus at each level.
  • Languages have been reworked for Therafim. Most people in Therafim are illiterate by default.
  • Instead of the SRD limitations on character monetary worth, Therafim uses Magic Item Limitation rules.
  • Full Transparency between magic and psionics. To elaborate: Spell Resistance and Power Resistance are transparent as well the use of Dispel Magic and Dispel Psionics. Does not apply to the use of Knowledge: Arcana and Knowledge: Psioncs, spellcraft and psicraft, use magic device and use psionic device as these are listed as separate class skills.
  • Multiclassing is limited to 4 classes/PRC's. Any PRC started must be completed before another can be started.
  • Restricted Evil Alignments, required to be unlocked with the Award Point System to help ensure proper use.
  • Swordsage / Monk AC Bonuses and other similar bonuses do not stack with each other.
  • Unlimited cantrips/orisons at 7th level and onwards.
  • Character Death: Your character does not die until you reach a negative equal to your normal constitution score or -10, whichever is more beneficial to you.
  • Due to the nature of magic and reality, Quasi-reality magic, such as shadow illusions, can never reach the level of reality and cannot surpass 80% effect. The effects of quasi-reality magic are just that, Less than real, and do not ever reach 100% effectiveness.
  • Enchanting items has been altered. Instead of 1 day of crafting time per 1,000 gp spent this has been increased to 1 day per 10,000 gp
  • Items crafted by PCs (Either through the crafting skill, enchanting, or a combination of both) can not be sold back to the market (for 1/2 base value) until either a week has passed (since the item's completion) or until the item is handed off to the PC that commissioned the creation of the item. This is to prevent PCs from abusing the increased speed of crafting and making a large profit in a very short amount of time. If ops see that the spirit of this rule is being violated, even if the letter of it is not, ops can and will stop this behavior


  • Criticals: When rolling a skill check, a natural one subtracts ten from the roll and a natural twenty adds ten to the roll.
  • Ranks in Knowledge/Perform, taking one point in any of these skills gives you one Knowledge/Perform as usual. However for every four ranks your character has, you gain a bonus additional Knowledge/Perform type.
  • Ranks raising Craft confers a new bonus Craft skill every six ranks.
  • Ranks raising Profession confers a new bonus Profession every ten ranks. Example: 4 Ranks in Knowledge would give 1 Knowledge as normal + 1 Bonus from Ranks or 10 Ranks in Profession would give 1 Normal + 1 Bonus
  • When you take a Knowledge/Profession/Craft or Perform skill, you must designate one of the skills as your main specialty. When this skill reaches the appropriate rank, you gain one bonus skill at full ranks.
  • Some Skill Tricks are approved.
  • Crafting skill: When making a weekly check, the result counts in gold pieces toward the market value instead of silver. Daily checks count in silver instead of copper. Read the crafting skill for more details on how this works. Crafting magical items is not altered by this.

DM Guidelines

This is where you can find guidelines for how to run quests, including specific house rules relating to questrunning. Also present are links to assist aspiring Dungeon Masters.

REP Rules

Be sure to check these out.

Player Tiers

These rules are now official once more. Please see Experience and REP Tallies for your present standing. Also please let an Op know if there are any errors, of if you believe you have fulfilled the requirements for a new player tier, and would like to advance.