Howard the Unlucky

Howard the Unlucky

DM Name:

Szintyrr, Beastfolk(Snake, Elapi), Level 1 Druid,
Gram Chandler, Beastfolk(Mouseling), Rogue 1/Paladin 1,
Eve White, Level 2 Changeling Wizard,
Ayla Varia | Human | Rogue 1/Swashbuckler 1
Nox, Beastfolk(ragemonger), knight2/Fighter1

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
CR 1 trap
3x Hobgoblin CR1
2x Bugbear CR3
1x 3rd Level Wizard CR2

Experience: 900 per character for the battle, +150 for the traps
Ayla 1,050
Eve 1,050
Gram 1,050
Nox 1,050
Szintyrr 1,050

Treasure: 900 gold per character
500 gold each reward
1,600 gold loot from the camp and trap
400 gold in sundry equipment
Potions of Cure Light Wounds x 5 (Everyone got one)
2 everburning torches (1 for Nox 1 sold)
a potion of darkvision (Ayla)
a potion of bull's strength (sold)
two scrolls of mage armor (2 to Eve)
scroll of mirror image (Eve)
wand with 7 charges of detect magic (Ayla)
Wizard's spellbook (Eve)
1st Level
Magic Missile
Animate Rope
Ray of Enfeeblement
Color Spray

2nd Level
Rope Trick
Ghoul Touch
Mirror Image

Quest Summary:
Some posters hung up around town called for adventuring types to head to the forest to deal with trespassers on an old man's property. Upon arriving at his cabin, the group discovered that the old man had been attacked in the forest near his home by unknown humanoids and that his son had went out to attempt diplomacy and never came back.

The group set to deal with the situation. In the forest they found a tree with ropes dangling from its branches, and by pulling on the ropes they were blessed with treasure and then angry hornets. While getting stung by bees and flailing around in a nearby stream, the party alerted the trespassers to their presence with the noise of their antics and rushed into battle.

In a struggle on the banks of a small waterfall and pool, the party did battle against hobgoblins and bugbears and their wizard mastermind. The struggle was not easy but in the end the wizard was restrained and the creatures defeated.

In the end they later discovered from an investigator that the leader of the group was the old man's son who had been trying to mastermind a scenario where it seemed like he had been kidnapped to wrangle a ransom out of his father.

XP awarded by Lisa