Hungry Hungry Myconids

DM Name: Pale

Abby, Halfling, Level 2, Psion
Dahlia, Human, Level 4, Paladin
Echo, Human, Level 2, Fighter
Inara, Human, Level 4, Paladin
Kara, Foxkin, Level 1, Rogue

3 Myconids, 2 CR2, 1 CR4.
Various misc happenings.

Levels 1-3 : 540xp
Levels 4: 480xp

Although the challenge wasn't too hard it was an amusing quest which had some interesting turns and the RP remained true to character throughout.

500 gp for each
+75gp for Kara looting and not being caught

Quest Summary:
A quiet evening in Avalon soon descends into chaos as a cargo wagon spills some of its precious cargo onto the city streets. The surge of looters frightens a passing horse and tips some cargo which Kara gives a helping hand to smash to the floor while the others try and stave off complete wagon collapse. Out of the crates that do fall some Myconids appear, two run off into the city while some are distracted with infighting (Kara/Echo) and others remain reluctant to fight nonevil critters (Dahlia/Inara) but in the end the Mushroom shows some aggression and gets a good old fashioned smiting.

Another normal day for Therafim