I'm the Goddamn Batman

DM: Pale

Colt, Level 5, Fighter, AC:24, HP:80, Superhero: Doomsday.
Galen, Level 7, Monk that's Drunk, AC:21, HP:70, Favourite Superhero: The Goddamn Batman
Naeyla, Level 5, Rogue that Swashes Buckles, AC:18, HP:48, Favourite Superhero: Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
Remhoraz, Level 5, Conjurer, AC:16 (unbuffed), HP:30, Favourite Superhero: None
Silya, Level 5, Knight, AC:18, HP:80, Favourite Superhero: Punisher

x3 Owlbear
x1 Paladin Half-Fiend Succubus Hybrid o Doom

Level 5: 1,800xp
Level 7: 1,260xp

4,500gp to all

In a land far far away, on a dark and stormy Knight, in a grim and perilous world of adventure there was a Helm. This was no ordinary Helm, but it appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary as far as magic items go, a real treasure. The Knight in question was a hero of the realm, an upstanding Paladin that stopped at nothing to get the job done though ever since he claimed the helm his methods had become increasingly ruthless untill one day he was confronted. Confronted for beating a confession out of a man later proven innocent, what had happened? The man fell from grace, lashed out at old friends, trusted allies and his loved ones alike before fleeing into the stormy night.

It is many years since that ill fated day, and even those that once knew the man have pushed the memory of it far out of their minds. Nobody would know who he was even if they saw him again, such was the effect of the passage of time on a human in their mid-years. Bandits and brigands often strike on lucrative trade routes, mundane though it may be it is how many of the adventurers gain their footing in the world of sword and magic. Today you have found yourselves landed with a task not to guard a cargo, but to track down some that has gone missing in a heavily forested and mountainous region several hours on horseback from Avalon.

Your employer is one of the many powerful and infuencial merchant houses of the land, and they will pay handsomely either for their cargo, the heads of the culprits if there are any, or any hints that lead to the eventual recovery/punishment of the cargo/those responsible.

When they arrive they searched for clues, Colt found some incense like what is used in churches and Galen found an arrowhead hidden in the shrubs and coated in dry blood. Further investigation revealed a well hidden trail which they followed for a while before it ended.

Soon they realised they had encroached on Owlbear territory however, and three attacked out of the blue. After finishing them off they continued their search and it lead them to an old abandoned monastery on the hillside. Inside there was all the wealth of a full troop of bandits, though they were all dead, lying in the miasma that surrounded the defiled place. Each of them had been sucked dry by he who laid in wait, the once regal Paladin who none of them had heard of before. While he had nothing to do with the loss of cargo, he had everything to do with wanting to kill them dead. The batlike succubus human hybrid did its best to slay them all in the name of its 'dark master' but failed even to take one of their souls back to the abyss with it.

Having recovered the cargo, and with the bandits all dead the trade route was free of trouble and the merchants guild was happy to reward them generously. As for the 'Batman' as the enemy was dubbed, nobody knows much about where he came from in Avalon but theyre glad he's not around to bother anyone anymore…. at least not right now as 'the Batman' lived to fight another day, muawahaha.

Other Information:
Silya was hit for 2 Vile Damage:
"Vile damage, like regular damage, results in the loss of hit points or ability score points. Unlike regular damage, vile damage can only be healed by magic cast within the area of a consecrate or hallow spell. Vile damage represents such an evil violation to a character’s body or soul that only in a holy place can healing magic repair the damage"