I once had a Dream

Rosalyn Aglaie/level 2 cleric/Human Half fae
Zylos / Level 4 Fighter / Human
Rodur Ogrecrusher / Level 5 / Dwarf / Warblade
Damien Redd / Level 6 / Raccoonfolk / 3 Rogue/3 Swshbuckler
Fei Yen Wong/Level 4 Warblade/Human

Quest Title: I once Had a Dream

DM Name:


Rosalyn Aglaie level 2 cleric Human Half fae
Zylos Level 4 Fighter Human
Rodur Ogrecrusher Level 5 Warblade Dwarf
Damien Redd Level 6; 3 Rogue/3 Swashbuckler Raccoonfolk
Fei Yen Wong Level 4 Warblade Human

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1 level 10 Psion (CR10)
1 Intelligent weapon (CR8 trap)

Rosalyn Aglaie: 2880XP
Zylos: 2880XP
Fei Yen Wong: 2880XP
Rodur Ogrecrusher:2700XP
Damien Redd: 2160XP
Rosalyn Aglaie: 2760GP
Zylos: 2760GP
Fei Yen Wong: 2760GP
Rodur Ogrecrusher: 2760GP
Damien Redd: 2760GP

Quest Summary:

The party had been… for their own reasons, at a Tavern enjoying themselves when a sudden quiet fell on the establishment… Not that people had stopped drinking.. or making merry, just that they suddenly produced no noise… a sudden wind blowing open the front door lead the party out.. where they were further guided by odd noises, and whispers carried on the autumn wind.

When they finally found the source of this, a powerful Psion.. it told them to run.. and then proceded to attack them.. oddly without it's psionic powers. the group had felled the creature, only to nearly fall to the sword that had ridden it. a intelligent weapon with powers of mental manipulation.. thanks to the efforts of Rosa, they managed to avoid becoming beholden to the sword.. though as Rosa carried it off to a temple to be destroyed.. It freed itself, shrinking down into a smaller weapon and skittering off into the aquaducts.

they later took the body to the templefor a propper burial. the temple later contacted them to tell them that the man had no next of kin, as such gave his estate in gold over to the group to be divided among them.