In Pursuit of the Prince


DM Name: Abbassia

Nox, Level 1, Ragemonger, Knight
Kammar(Nikolai Persona), Level 1, Changeling, Shadowcaster
Mythiv Rallistance, Level 2, Human, Warlock
Liliana, Level 2, Human, Psion

1) 2 Small Vipers, CR1/2
2) Pirate Patrol; 2 Pirates(Human Warriors level 1), CR1/2
3) Lizardling Scout; Diplomatic Success leads to the elimination of 2 Pirates, CR1/2
4) Pirate Camp;
1 Pirate Leader(Human Ranger 1/Sorcerer 1), CR 2
1 Pirate Lieutenant(Dwarf Rogue 1), CR 1
2 Pirates(Human Warriors level 1), CR1/2

Each character gets 525 XP
+25 XP each for figuring out the pirate's setup

For a 550 XP total each

Each character gets his gold share of 199 GP, 2 SP, 25 CP -this excludes items looted-

Total Gold Breakdown:
Gold from Reeve: 100 GP
Gold from the Mayor of Seamarsh: 55 GP
Looted from Pirates: 41 GP, 9 Silvers
Gold obtained from the sale of other Salvaged Cargo: 600 GP

Items looted (Value noted):
Falchion, 75 GP
Morningstar, 8 GP
1x Masterwork Cutlass (scimitar), 315 GP
2x Cutlass (scimitar), 15 GP each
1x Masterwork light crossbow, 335 GP
4x light crossbow, 35 GP each
60x bolts, 1 GP each stack of 10
Leather armor, 10 GP
1x Potion of cure light wounds, 50 GP
1x Potion of mage armor 50 GP
Thieves’ tools, 30 GP

Someone nicked a Telescope/Spyglass, too

Quest Summary:

The party was hired by one Gresham Reeve, a Coutrameni businessman, to locate and salvage the missing trading vessel, the Prince, they sailed to the small port of Seamarsh on board the Pike, another sailing vessel. Shortly after arriving in port however, the Pike's captain and crew had a falling out with Reeve over delayed wages and left the service of their employer, giving the party the choice of a free ride to the Freeholds or to remain in Seamarsh with the crewless Reeve.

Ultimately, the party chose to remain with Reeve, but not before demanding assurances that they will be paid, unlike the crew of the Pike, assurances which Reeve happily gave, depositing their wages with the local innkeeper, Reeve elected to remain with what little he had at Seamarsh, awaiting the party's return.

Asking around town, the Party learned from the townsfolk that ships have not been arriving from the Freeholds altogether, not just the Prince, the Mayor in particular was concerned, directing the party to a lighthouse situated up the coast to guide ships from the dangerous reefs, where the keepers might shed some light on the mystery.

Reeve arranged for a fishing boat to take them up shore to the lighthouse, passing the Pike along the way, when they eventually came into view of the lighthouse, they also noticed a wooden structure someways off near a distant beach, unable to get closer due to the reef, the party disembarked ashore and continued on foot.

After overcoming some of the swamp's hostile fauna, they eventually arrived at the lighthouse to find its keepers dead for some time and the lighthouse itself looted, more importantly, they found the light mechanism smashed and the oil taken. Using a spyglass belonging to one of the deceased inhabitants of the lighthouse, the party was able to get a closer look at the wooden structure from the top of the lighthouse, correctly deducing it to be a false lighthouse used to guide ship sailing at night to wreck upon the reefs before looting it.

Making their way to the false lighthouse, the party encountered an ambush by a pirate patrol searching for tracks and keeping an eye out for unwanted visitors, such as survivors of wrecks or lizardfolk. Engaging the patrol, the party was able to dispatch one of the two pirates, while the other fled into the swamp.

Continuing on, the party encountered a lizardling scout who had been observing them, the lizardling hurled a javelin at the dirt in front them as a show of force, commanding them to halt in common. As soon as the party's objective became clear, the Lizardling scout gives a general description of the pirates' activity in the area, whom they have clashed with on many occasion, most importantly pointing out the threat of their leader, whose magic has thwarted the lizardlings time and again.

Though initially reluctant to suffer more losses in conflict with pirates, at most offering to track the fleeing pirate from earlier, Sir Nox was incredibly able to convince the lizardling to join forces in an assault on the pirate camp. The lizardlings, for their part, were also able to ambush two pirates burying loot and disable the false lighthouse, allowing for the safe but oblivious passage of the Pike.

The party and their allies assaulted the pirate encampment at supper time, knowing that the pirates all gather at the center of the camp, with the party successfully keeping the Pirate Sorceress leader's magic in check, the lizardlings were able to make short work of the remainder pirates. In the end, the party was able to slay all pirates, save the Pirate leader herself, who was captured.

Rummaging through the camp, the party were able locate the loot of the Prince, which was remarkably of little value, being mostly personal items; clothes, business ledgers and a lockbox, all bearing the Initials "G. R.", which might be assumed to refer to Gresham Reeve. The party does find some of the loot of some of the pirates' previous victims, as well as maps and references to where the remainder of the loot is buried, you also find a ciphered letter in the leaders' tent.

In honor of their valorous allies and relieved to be done with the pirates, the Lizardlings agreed to help the party gather the remainder of the loot and guard the encampment until they can return to reclaim their hard won prize. Bringing Reeve's belongings with them, as well as dragging their prisoner along, the party returned to the fisherman, who carried them back to Seamarsh. Where they find Reeve not only overjoyed for the return of his belongings, but had spent his time playing a game of chance at the local inn while the party was gone, becoming something of a minor local celebrity as fortune seemed to favor him time and again, earning more than enough to catch the next trip to the Summer Country, even offering to purchase some of what other salvage they found.

Collecting their payment, the party also found the mayor more than satisfied with the party's handling of the matter, especially pleased with the capture of the Pirate Sorceress and the discovery of the ciphered document, He ends up paying the party a monetary reward for their efforts, as well as recruiting the locals on the town's expense to help with the salvage work, which takes place over the next few days, the loot is ought by Reeve and the local merchants.

XP Awarded by Ibis
REP Awarded by Scathien