Inhuman Reach

Type: Aberrant Feats
Source: Lords of Madness

Your arms elongate, allowing you to touch the floor with your hands. In addition, you can bend them in strange and unnatural ways. The arms may vary in appearance, perhaps seeming scaly and snakelike, or slimy like tentacles; conversely, they may resemble normal but longer arms with a second elbow joint. Unless you wear a large cloak to conceal these deformities, you are disturbing to behold.

Prerequisite: Aberration Blood
Benefit: You gain an additional 5 feet of reach. For most Small and Medium creatures, this benefit increases natural reach to 10 feet. If you already have a reach of more than 5 feet for some reason, this feat extends your reach by another 5 feet. As described on page 112 of the Player's Handbook, a reach weapon doubles your normal reach; for example, if you have this feat and you wield a longspear, you can attack targets 15 or 20 feet away. Your elongated arms also grant you a +2 bonus on Climb checks.
Special: Due to the disfigured nature of your new limbs, you take a -1 penalty on all melee attack rolls.