Into The Tunnels

DM Name: Theron

Stray, Lev 3 Human Cleric
Ziyanani, level 2 Beastfolk psychic rogue
Red Bear, Level 3 Orc Druid
Magnus ver Magnusson, Level 3 Sundered Dwarf Druid
Xel, level 3 Avariel warlock
Ghevo, Level 1 Beastfolk Warblade (Battle Encounter only)

Harpoon Trap: CR3

Stray, 180 xp
Red Bear, 180 xp
Ghevo, 338 xp
all others: 518 xp

10 gp for each. (Quest objective not completed; this represents the Mephit's "stash")

Quest Summary:
The party accepted a task to enter the tunnels beneath Avalon City to search out a gang of ruffians who had burgled property and then ducked into the untravelled tubes beneath the city to make good their escape. Due to Ziyanani's skills, the party encountered and disabled a very nasty looking harpoon trap that had dispatched a member of the city watch and moved on. After encountering Ghevo in the tunnel upon the same task there was an exchange of words and the party split before reforming and moving on…into the Steam Tunnels beneath the city. After wrenching open a sealed iron door they found themselves looking into the lair of a very large Steam Mephit. The creature took exception to their presence and immediately attempted to boil the party where they stood!

Ghevo was nearly killed in the battle and Magnus forced himself to the edge of death's door with his Druidic casting as the rest of the party attempted to keep the Mephit from finishing off Ghevo. As Ghevo's end drew within seconds, the Mephit was destroyed by the Avarial Warlock Xel, who blasted it with a well placed and timed Eldritch Blast.

After taking stock of their situation the adventurers decided it most prudent to take on the gang another day and return to the surface to lick their wounds and rest.