Invaders From Beyond The Stars

Quests in this series are intended for various levels, high and low.
Those running quests in this series will earn +1 more REP than normal.

Please contact Gideon Kalve Jarvis if your characters want to do additional research. Please also contact Gideon Kalve Jarvis if you would like to run quests on this theme - this is not only allowed, but encouraged, and the standards for running quests in this series are fairly loose: thanks to the kaorti being creatures from the Otherrealm, where sanity is discouraged, their erratic behaviors can mean they don't all have to work towards a completely common goal. Additionally, they are a large invasion force, and thus can afford to have numerous different encounter groups across the world, creating many possibilities for quests.

In two quests, Mockeries and Fredquest, previously, two rival factions were revealed to be battling it out between themselves to see who would have the first shot at a full-scale invasion of Therafim: clockwork horrors, under the guise of their front operation, the Wheelwright Guild, and the kaorti. In this conflict, the illithids acted as a neutral party, providing mercenaries and materials to both sides. Finally, however, the kaorti have overcome in this shadow conflict, and are now massing their forces on the silver moon, Luna.

With countless twisted abominations at their disposal, as well as the facilities to create and control more clockwork horrors and other constructs captured from their defeated enemies, the Wheelwright Guild, the kaorti Cleansers, paladins of madness, have now set their sights fully upon Therafim, seeking to sink it into the madness of the Otherrealm and thus into their full control.

As this quest series progresses, and more kaorti reach the surface of Therafim, this will eventually become a series of war quests, with the actions of the Player Characters influencing the outcome of the war - either the kaorti being driven back into the shadows, or their carving out a new realm for themselves where aberrations reign supreme.

The following chart is a listing of the quests that have taken place in this series, and their overall effect on the war against the kaorti. Those wishing to run quests in this series should be sure to note how many possible ways to earn points against the kaorti are in each quest, and then how many points the party actually earned. These points will eventually be tallied up at the end of the quest series to determine the end changes to Therafim as a result of this series of quests. Points are identified as specific possible objectives that can turn the tide of the war. Any that are not collected by the defenders of Therafim automatically go to the kaorti invaders.

Quest Name Possible Points Points Earned by Defenders Points Held by Kaorti
Mockeries 1 1 0
Fredquest 2 1 1
Blobs from Beyond 2 2 0
Have You Seen The Tainted Sign? 5 1 4
Hallow's Eve - The War Begins 3 3 0

Total Point Tally
Defenders of Therafim: 8
Kaorti Invaders: 5