It's Back From Work We Go

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Tristan, level 2 human paladin
Kevarl, ECL 4 izakar draconic sorcerer
Raydair, level 3 elf rogue/cleric
Myr, level 2 changeling abyssal sorceress
Roka, level 1 foxkin ranger
Isycar Stormrider, level 1 human fighter

3 young redcaps and 1 spriggan (CR 2 each and CR 3, CR 6 total)

Kevarl: 400 xp
All others: 450 xp for each

334 gp for each
1 Redcap tooth for each, found around the treasure site (1,000 gp value, +2 circumstance bonus to dealing with fey and +4 to dealing with redcaps when worn)

Quest Summary:
The party was travelling home after exploring a supposedly riches-filled dungeon, only to find that it had already been looted. But on the way home, while looking for a good place to camp, they ran into a pack of redcaps led by a spriggan. After a fierce, deadly battle, the party came out ahead, and claimed the teeth of the fey brigands, and their ill-gotten gains as well.