Jasper Algernon
Jasper Algernon
Aliases: none
Age: 15
Fur: Piebald
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132
Race: beastfolk (ratling)
Class: Scout 5
Alignment: Neutral
Level: 5
Experience: 12,747/15,000
Hit Points: 50
Gold: 13,354gp
Current Status: Active
Played by pyrostinger

Lean through a year out on his own, this rat's fur is piebald, which is to say black and white in patches all over his body. He has a wiry sort of frame, owing partially to his ratfolk heritage, and partially to his general lifestyle before he came to the city-state of Avalon. When adventuring or working, he prefers simple, cotton clothing under his leather armor. When not working, he indulges himself in stylish silk.