Jero Questionnaire

A: Appearance
1) Describe yourself as someone meeting you for the first time would see you. (Race?, Gender?, Age?, Size? Coloration? Attractiveness?, Dress? Do you try to emphasize or hide any of these features?)
2) What other details would someone notice on a closer look? (Distinguishing marks, birthmarks, scars, etc?)
3) Do you have a distinctive way of speaking or any other mannerisms or memorable behavior?

Jero currently has three preferred forms that he may be spotted in.

One is as a female Tiefling with sleek curving horns, long black hair and almond eyes. Usually she wears a brown or black dress and may take this form to get free drinks in bars. Sometimes its just a handy mask to use while trying to get better deals at market or to seem less threatening.

In his more natural form he lounges letting his full half dragon nature known. Its a pleasant form to lounge in while away from prying eyes and he likes to let his tail flick to and fro. He favors light or vibrant colors, silks, and the finer things in life.

Third is his burly form, where he often wears sturdy armor and sings as he engages in combat. Coal blackened armors and well polished blades are his theme here, and sometimes he likes to test his strength, or perhaps find someone he can practice with.

B: Birth and Family
1) Where and when were you born? (Also good to include: Do you know your exact birthdate? Did anything unusual (storms, accidents, deaths, etc?) happen about the same time, with which some people might still associate your birthdate?)
2) Who are your parents? (Names, Occupations, Social class, Were they married?, Are they still alive? are all good things to include)
3) Do you have any siblings? (If so, it would be good to describe them as you did your parents above.)
4) Do you know any members of your extended family? (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins? Also would be good to describe them as above)
5) How did you get along with your family?

1) Jero was born 23 years ago in a small village some ways to the south west of avalon on the continent of Cargando. He does not know the exact day of the year he was born but has a good estimate. People of the village he was born in may associate his birth with a short time in which a dragon did not plague their village as much as he used to.

2) His mother was a changeling who he only knows as "Elven Maiden", she was not exactly forthcoming with her name and likely was some kind of adventurer or con artist considering how she had him while in the middle of some kind of con gone wrong. His father is a Copper dragon, who he simply calls Father and was not in any way shape or form married to his mother. His father is alive, but he is unsure if his mother still lives, or if he would know her if he saw her.

3) If his mother is continuing to go around conning villages to pay her to stop dragon encroachment he very well could have other half-dragon half Brothers and sisters. Likewise his Father will continue to be a frisky male dragon and has numerous Copper dragon children that are at least half related to Jero. If they all survive long or not, Jero doesn't know.

4) Jero does has not had contact with any yet, but he would like to have children of his own one day and bring them to meet his Father.

C: Education and Work
1) Did you serve an apprenticeship in order to learn your current profession/class? For how long?
2) If you were not an apprentice, how did you learn your trade/skills/ect? Formal schooling? Informal Teachers? Self-Taught?
3) Who was your master or teacher? (Race? Gender? Appearance? Personality?) Is he/she still alive? How were you treated? Are/Were you on good terms with your master?
4) Did your teacher have any other apprentices or students? Who were they? Did you get along?
5) Due to the rarity of literacy in this setting, how important are books, writings, letters, ect. to your character? Regardless as to whether or not he/she can read?
6) Do you have a job other than "adventurer"? Who do you work for? How much of your time does this require?

Jero traveled around with his Father for some time, and he picked up a smattering of this and that. Kobolds also took care of him for a time, however they are not really the best of teachers. He has had no formal apprenticeship yet for a profession. His father did insist he learn to read though, as all dragons can at least read Draconic (or so he believes). After traveling to Avalon Jero has bought a book and is now keeping track of his life in a Journal tat he purchased. As of yet, he has not settled down into any job.

D: Friends
1) Who were your friends as a child? As an adolescent? As an adult?
2) How many of these people are still alive? How many are you still friends with?
3) Who is/was your best friend? What is the most memorable thing that the two of you ever did together?
4) What do you look for in a friend?
5) Have you ever been in love? Was it reciprocated? Do you have (or have you had) a boy-/girlfriend, a lover, or a spouse? More than one? Are you looking for one? What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Jero's best friends as a child and adolescent were kobolds and his Father. As an adult hes been parted with them while he goes about finding his own way. He still cares for his father and if he met the kobolds who helped raise him he would greet them warmly. Now however he is looking for new friends, friends who will accept him for who he is, likes friendly jokes and humor and friends whom he can trust. He has not been in love yet, but he has met a few alluring individuals. Perhaps one day they some spark will happen. Until he feels that spark hes not sure exactly what he is looking for.

E: Attitudes and Beliefs
1) What are your beliefs about religion and the afterlife? Do you follow any particular god or gods? What appeals to you most about this religion? Least?
2) Where do spirits of nature, the elements and the dead fit into these beliefs?
3) What gods, religions, or priesthoods will you have nothing to do with?
4) What is your moral code? Under what conditions will you kill? Steal? Lie? Do you have a personal code of behavior about violence? Magic? Sex? Dealing with Evil Beings?
5) How committed are you to seeing through something (a task, quest, bargain, etc) that you have started?
6) How important are the following to you?: Power, Wealth, Fame, Honor, Family, Friends, Love, Knowledge, Religion, Your job? To what lengths would you go to acquire or preserve these things?
7) How often do you remember your dreams? How much attention do you pay to them? Do they inspire you? Guide you? Inspire You? Warn you? Frighten You?
8) What is your attitude towards magic? People who use it? Fearsome monsters? The unknown in general?

Jero was raised to believe in Hlal. If he does what he can to follow his god he will be immortalized on Therafim in song, and his soul will join Hlal in the afterlife. Hlal really is everything he could want for, and he doesn't consider anything wrong with it. Jero refuses to associate with gods of death and undeath. He sees no value in the undead and believes them to be abominations.

Jero believes that killing is a part of nature when done to feed or to protect people, but it is not a good joke and as such not done just for fun. Stealing can be fun if handled right, and lieing and sorting out the truth is good fun especially when part of a greater story. A good brawl or a bit of fun with magic isn't wrong as long as its handled right. Considering his own origins hes a bit careful and doesn't want to leave a string of babies behind. And Evil beings should he kept at arms length, often they have no interests in fun and whatever it is they are after can be dangerous and deadly.

Wealth and power are things that all good dragons should strive in good ways as Hlal has shown. Family is important but not exactly in the same ways. Love family and knowledge? we will see how things turn out. And honor? Well usually that's just a term used by people who cant take a joke.

Jero dreams of his own mounds of treasure, and collections of singing naked followers that follow his bidding. He doesn't really believe he will aquire that anytime soon, its just a fantasy that he enjoys.

Jero believes magic is a part of life. People who use it likely have it in their blood, thoes who dont likely are some kind of talented thieves being gifted or stealing magic from gods or others. That's not really all that bad, as long as it doesn't hurt him. Fearsome monsters? They are probaly just misunderstood, or undead spawns of evil. And the unknown is simply something that needs exploring!

F: Edges and Flaws
1) What are you especially good at? What sets you apart from the rest of the world? A skill? An unusual knack? A certain flair of style or wit?
2) What flaws do you have? Bad habits? Obsessions? Terrible (or embarrassing) secrets?
3) Do you have any enemies? How much trouble do those conflicts cause you?

G: Likes and Dislikes
1) What do you love? (People? Places? Creatures? Kinds of Food? Activities? Subjects?)
2) What do you hate? How do you typically react to these hated things?
3) What do you fear? What is your worst nightmare?

1) Food! good food is so tasty. Singing eating and drinking, they are the fine things in life. Perhaps one day he will come to love some land or companions as well.
2) Undead! and maybe demons, they arn't food, are pesky and just smell bad too. They deserve their face melted with a stream of acid.
3) losing his mind. Insane half-dragons that destroy what they love, harm friends, and insult their gods are not a good thing.

H: Miscellaneous
1) Describe your first encounter with a nonhuman monster. (Not counting player races, animals, etc that you grew up with, but feel free to mention them too)
2) If you are a spellcaster, describe your first experience with using magic. What were the circumstances? Were you expecting it?
3) If you have an animal companion or familiar, describe how you acquired it. Describe this ally's personality, and its attitude towards you. (Loyal unto death, mischievous, lazy, etc)
4) If you have any unusual possessions, describe how you acquired them. Is their value practical, monetary, sentimental or some combination of these?
5) Please describe your characters general background, this may be any length you wish, but at least one paragraph. You may use any or all of the information above, or new information not covered. (Encouraged)

1) Undead ghouls at leather hill! these foul stench filled corpses were a plague on the land. At first Jero wanted to fight them but seeing their numbers he decided to take his leave after sharing a friendly blast of acid in their faces.
2) Being a slightly magic creature it just seems to come naturally. He tried to reach out to clean up some things around the house that where -just- out of reach, and he felt a push with in him and it scooted into his hands. He cant do it often, but its gotten stronger and given how his father didn't really seem to care he figures that's the way things are for him.
4) not yet.. likely later.
5) see for a rather detailed background and current journal.