Journey to the Centre of the Hearth

DM: Pale

Level 4 Telsia / Kayrel
Level 3 Galen / Echo
Level 2 Reidi / Liliana

1x Huge Spider (CR5)
8x Ants (CR2 each, combined supposedly 8 but it wasn't any kind of challenge at all so I will call it another CR5)
1x Sleeping Badger (CR Mystery Bonus)

Level 2-3: 900 XP
Level 4: 800 XP

Some random trinkets picked up off of the floor, such as Bodger the old, deaf, and afraid of gnomes, explosions and lab coats Badger. There was also a Kaleidoscope taken, and a comically large cocktail stick able to be used as a spear or javelin.

In terms of gold, each adventurer receives 1,800GP

Quest Summary:
Adventurers were lured, by yours truely, to attend the grand unveiling of the Reverse Enlargement Machine MkIV. Naturally this Gnomish device went horribly wrong when a fly flew into it, causing a catastrophic explosion which reduced all of the adventurers down to miniature size.

The Gnome was nowhere to be seen when their first encounter appeared almost immediately after the explosion, a huge (relatively speaking) spider. After they slayed it the Gnome reappeared to congratulate them once the danger had gone, but little did he know there was a precariously balanced cocktail stick ready to impale him just as he told the adventurers how to solve their dilemma.

They were told that the Gnomes ring when thrown into the fire from whence it came would break their curse, and so began their journey, a journey… to the centre of the hearth. They faced trials such as gaps in floorboards, ants both flying and ground based, a senile badger and at the end of it all they were left with an ominous message from that which was trapped within the ring. The fire elemental inside would one day have its revenge.

Customarily late the guard did arrive, but only to check that the Gnome wasn't going to be creating more explosions any time soon. Upon realizing he had died, no tears were shed but they did point out that the adventurers were each entitled to a portion of his estate as dictated by a contract most of them signed upon entering (it came with a commemorative quill).

But what of the fly that flew into the machine? It lives to fight another day, perhaps now with the body of a human!