Keen-tongued; Sharp Eyes; Whistler

Symbol: A white arrow
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Air
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: "Good" air, wind, archery, breath, flight, language
Worshipers: Birdfolk, bards, archers, diplomats, sailors
Domains: Air, Liberation, Rune (Language), Wind, War
Favored Weapon: Any bow (cleric must select one type on start)

Physical Description:
As might be expected, Jyn takes the form of a muscular and aristocratic-looking djinni with purple skin and black hair held back in a gold-wired topknot, as well as a neatly-trimmed black beard and moustache. He has an air of mirth and general amusement about him, a mirth which is frequently infectious to those around him, and he laughs often and honestly. Jyn's lower body is frequently replaced with a whirling vortex rather than legs, since he prefers to fly everywhere rather than walk, though his legs appear once more when he is at rest.

Description of Nature, Personality, and Dogma:
One of the potent elemental deities, Jyn is a creature of powerful passions. He is a long-winded but charismatic speaker, and is highly driven by the need for competition and chances to prove himself time and again. Jyn is also very proud, and while he is skilled with words, he can be easily goaded by challenges to his skills in any field, and will never turn down any such challenge.

All things related to the air are sacred to Jyn, and he has an especial respect for flight. Worshipers of Jyn regard flying creatures as sacred, and killing them is a sacred act, never to be taken lightly, and to be avoided most of the time. Exceptions to this are in sacred challenges of skill in hunting moving, sacrificial targets, extreme need, or in defense against attacks by more dangerous flying creatures. Ranged combat in general, and archery specifically, is a sacred act for Jyn's worshipers, and even the most inept of his worshipers are expected to use a projectile weapon of some sort at least once a day. Pollution to air is a grave sin for Jyn's worshipers, and is to be prevented whenever possible.

Clergy, Places of Worship, Important Rituals, and Servitor Races:
All of the clergy of Jyn are marked from an early age in some fashion relating to archery. This often takes the form of an arrow-shaped birthmark, a childhood arrow wound, or a mysterious white arrow found next to the child one morning. The final sign of Jyn's favor is that, for a full day after Jyn accepts a new cleric, the cleric will find that not a single arrow he or she fires will miss its mark, no matter how impossible the shot or how poor the cleric's normal skill in archery. This effect goes away after that single day, but it serves as a tangible sign of Jyn's favor outside of the mere granting of spells.

All those who pray to Jyn must first get his attention by firing an arrow or bolt. It does not matter where this projectile is aimed, so long as it is fired before one begins to pray.

The most important ritual of Jyn is the Index Tourney, a great archery tournament held by communities as spring turns to summer and the winds are at their lowest point, along with a general carnival atmosphere and celebration. This time is also a period when diplomatic deals are made, and the Lists (the location where the Tourney is held) are considered sacred and neutral ground, the violation of which will draw both Jyn's ire, and also that of the Masks of the Market.

Arrowhawks serve Jyn eagerly, and air elementals also revere him. Djinn, naturally, also regularly pay respect to Jyn, and many are consorts of the Whistler as well as servants and worshipers.

History and Relations:
A primordial creature of elemental air, Jyn is said by many to have been the first of the race of djinn, and the djinn themselves claim that he was the first genie ever. Said to have taken his first moment of life from Inyo's breath during the god of Balance's meditation, Jyn considers himself a good friend of Inyo and his worshipers, though whether the Contemplating God notices this or not is a matter of debate. He is also on good terms with Velos, and maintains a healthy but not-unfriendly rivalry with Dan Dao. He and Harrow are bitter enemies, and Jyn despises Harrow; Harrow, in turn, regards Jyn with as much hatred as the Howler has for everything else. Phoenix and Jyn are dear friends and oftimes lovers, and they and their worshipers will regularly come to the aid of each other.

Favored Offerings and Justifications for Direct Intervention:
Among the more common offerings that please Jyn are arrows in the shape of his symbol, which are then lit on fire and shot high into the air, burning up before they hit the ground. More extravagant offerings might include masterwork arrows made from precious materials, or even bows of similar quality for especially lavish gifts, which are then burned.

Because of Jyn's expectation of skill coming from practice, with no quick fixes, he seldom interferes directly in the affairs of mortals. He can be coaxed in helping, however, when there is a great contest of skill in flight or archery involved that will have a significant impact, with Jyn siding with those involved who have the most noble motives. He is also known to be willing to assist those in need of skill with speaking for matters of similar importance, who also have similarly good motives.