Kaiju! Part 1

Quest Title: Kaiju! (Yes, I know, It japanese for Monster or strange beast.)
Level of Quest: 10-15


Inara Level 10 Paladin
Seren Arc Level 13 Sorcerer 9/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 4
Kara'nydraess Nyatia Level 15 Fighter 2 Sorcerer 6 Dragonheart mage 9

Advanced Kraken: CR 15
"Escape" puzzle: CR10

Inara: 6,000 XP
Seren: 2,600 XP
Kara: 1,500 XP

Accepting a mission to escort a cargo ship belonging to a company that was having issues with attacks on their vessels The players encounter a gargantuan sea monster that attacks the ship. Though they delt enough damage to repel it, it had done catastrophic damage to the ship which scuttled it with them on it. They awaken in an anti magic prison where a pair of half elf water gensai were trapped with them.
Learning that a community of Water Nymphs, under the leadership of someone named "Nadia" the ships were being attacked by them because of "tresspassing".
Now their task is a rescue operation, they must rescue the female water gensai and the crew members of the ship, and put an end to Nadia's fury before more of these are unleashed upon the coastal citys of the land.


XP and REP Awarded by Scathien