Kessek Longtail
Kessek Longtail
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Aliases: Black Ears
Age: 18
Fur: Sandy Light brown, Black ears and Tails
Eyes: Pale Light blue
Height: 4‘4“
Weight: 85
Race: Small Fox
Class: Scout 1
Alignment: CN
Level: 1
Experience: 0
Hit Points: 11/11
Money Plat:0 Gold:117 Silv:0 Copp:0
Current Status: Active


A petit creature, standing a mere 4’4” tall, his ears were another 7” long each, and were a jet black, the two tails he had were jet black as well, those tails were also extremely long, 4’6” long to be exact. One would consider him cute, if it weren’t for the spear and bow he kept on his form. Fine soft fur covering his whole body, a narrow, not too long snout, and bright blue eyes. He held himself as a stealthy creature might. He had the quick reactions and movements of a creature that was always alert. Those ears and two tails of his were so expressive.