Kevarl Flameborn
Kevarl Flameborne
Aliases: None
Age: 18
Hair: Feathery, Spiny and Black
Scales: Crimson body, golden chest
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6.5 ft
Weight: 190
Race: Beastfolk - Izakar
Class: Sorcerer4 Draconic2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 5
Experience: 14,810
Hit Points: 32/32
Gold: 18,341
Current Status: Active
Played by Scaly

This reptilian humanoid carries himself with a poise and haughtiness uncommon even among the Beastfolk; his nearly regal bearing and regard for others gives the impression of one who is accustomed to having his requests obeyed without question or dithering. His head is elongated and predatory; though the lips of his surprisingly expressive face often pull back in a grin to expose the sharp teeth lining both of his jaws. The mirth of the expression is often shared by a glimmer to his golden eyes. Between a set of ivory colored rear facing tapered horns rests a thick mane of feathery black spines that spills down the back of his neck. His broad strong looking shoulders frame an equally muscular chest; the remainder of his physical form is concealed quite well by either voluminous robes or an ornate set of spined armor plating. A pair of crimson draconic wings rise from his shoulderblades where they emerge from his customized armor. They look strong, perhaps even capable of carrying him aloft. His presence is accompanied by that of his tail, which trails behind him unarmored save for his own crimson scales. The muscular appendage moves about almost with a mind of its own, possibly mirroring whatever deep seated feelings he is not expressing vocally or facially. A warmth like a sun heated rock radiates from him near constantly, carrying with it a spicy leathery scent.