Kicking the Bucket

Kicking the Bucket

DM Name: Abbassia

Cerulean, Level 6+2, Half Elf / Half Fey, Bard
Colt, Level 7, Beastfolk, Fighter
Liliana, Level 6, Human, Psion
Lloyd Mute, Level 5, Human, Battle Sorcerer
Saera, Level 5, Human, Shadowspy
Raydair, Level 5, Elf, Cleric Rogue

1x Assassin, CR5
1x Fighter, CR5
1x Wizard, CR4
2x Falling Stone Block Trap, CR5
1x Bat Swarm, CR2

Cerulean: 683 + 100 XP = 783 XP (Extra XP awarded for successful use of CHA skills to determine number of threats)
Colt: 875 XP
Liliana Raventide: 1025 XP
Lloyd Mute: 1250 XP
Saera: 1250 XP
Raydair Rabkca: 1250 + 150 = 1400 XP (Extra XP awarded for Zip line approach and bypassing first trap)

Each: 1,800 GP, including bonus for live capture

To be claimed or sold:
Short Sword +1 (Claimed by Saera)
Masterwork Bastard Sword (sold for 167.5 GP)
Masterwork Composite Longbow (STR +3) (sold for 350 GP)
Chain Shirt +1 (Claimed by Raydair)
Full Plate (will need 100 GP to Resize if looted) (sold for 750 GP)
Cloak of Resistance +1 (Sold for 500 GP)
Healing Belt (sold for 325 GP)
Potion of Bear's Endurance (sold for 150 GP)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (sold for 150 GP)
3 Flasks of Drow Poison (sold for 112.5 GP)

Each gets 626 GP and 25 SP extra, except for Raydair and Saera, for a total of 2426 GP and 25 SP

Quest Summary:
Hunting a bounty for an upcoming notorious assassin, going by the sobriquet of "Bucket", the party comes to a faraway dilapidated hunting lodge outside of Avalon, after spending a few hours investigating the locale for any news of the assassin and his accomplices, the party infiltrated the lodge by means of a zip line, bypassing a trapped entrance entirely, allowing for its easy disablement, then disarming another. The group manages to spot a swarm of bats and avoid disturbing, coming to the far room where the assassins lay.

Having trapped them in a bottleneck, the fighter Colt led the assault on the room, coming head to head with a summoned fiendish ape, and after a fierce clash, she bested it, allowing the party to enter through. Sir Mute was quick in disabling the enemies and capturing alive, but it would be a close call when the Assassin attempted a death strike on Colt, but she deflected the small halfling with ease, allowing for Raydair to hold him with his divine magic.

The authorities were pleased by the live capture of the assassins, hoping that their interrogation will shed some light into the mysterious Assassins of Avalon.