Kidnapped Nymph

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Seren Arc, level 3 human dragon-blooded sorcerer
Dhaval, level 1 bear barbarian
Aliyah, level 1 fennec elemental sorcerer
Shyrindi, level 3 bovine druid
Liliana Raventide, level 2 human psion

Mimic (CR 4)
Satyr with pipes (CR 4)

540 xp for all


  • 720 gp for all
  • Cold iron manacles
  • As a special reward, the party can select any magic item of 500 gp value or less, as a gift of the fey.
  • All party members have been kissed by a nymph and may be considered feyfriends to good fey.

Quest Summary:
The party was approached by a sprite seeking help! A cunning faun (female satyr) with skill outwitting other fey had taken a nymph captive, and was slowly draining her essence to become more beautiful herself. The party had to pass by the faun's mimic guardian before they pressed on, only to find that the faun herself was hosting a passionate dance by the side of a large bonfire with a group of enslaved male beastfolk. The party subdued the beastfolk with magic, then knocked out the faun and freed the satyr without significant mishap…though it got a little heated there for a while!