Killian Felbrecht Quar'Valsharess
Killian Felbrecht Quar'valsharess
Aliases: Fox-Lady
Age: 52
Hair: Long; blue and white
Eyes: Deep blue
Height: 5'3
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Drow/Fox hybrid
Class: Cleric 3
Alignment: Lawful Good
Level: 3
Experience: 3617
Hit Points: 33/33
Gold: 1754
Current Status: Active

There was an element of nobility which was erected in her posture, an air of confidence and duty which instilled a sense of comradery to those in sight. Smooth, ashen, skin was stretched flawlessly over a beautiful face and framed by healthy locks of elegant winter and blue hues. Piercing sapphire eyes were settled to either side of a well places nose, just above beauty-accentuated, high cheek bones, and just below thin, wintry, eyebrows where they remained attentive and calm. Her expression often times dominated by a stoic but soothing calm, and at times a coy or knightly demeanour; the woman's conduct was, usually, held sense of honour - even if it might be of her own design - and balance. A high collared dress was the underlay for several thick armored plates, allowing her to don a fortified but flexible attire. Each clean slate glistened carefully with an almost reflective quality, declaring it to be well maintained - certainly the sign of a practical woman. But it didn't take a keen set of eyes to notice the plush, silvery and blue, tail which was curled around her hips in some attempt to make it seem like more of a belt than a part of her body.