King Leoric and Archbishop Lazarus

DM: Pale

Alieena Darkcast, lvl 5 wizard. 25hp. 16ac, <3s ravens.
Dahlia, Level 6, Paladin, 78hp, 23 ac, Emu
Galen, Level 6, Monk 5/Drunken Master 1, 60 hp, 22 AC
Gauron, Level 4 Wolfen Fighter 24AC, 56hp and Archeaopteryx
Inara, level 4, paladin, 60hp, 21ac, Chocobo.
Tialys, Level 6, Sorcerer, HP 24, AC: 20, Hawk

16x Burning Skeleton
1x Leoric
4x Ibixian
1x Bullete/Gargoyle Hybrid
1x Lazarus

Level 4: 1,600
Level 5: 1,500
Level 6: 1,200

1,500gp Each

Tia, DMG, Scarab of Golembane
Gauron, DMG, +2 Cloak of Resistance
Galen, MiC100, Formless Vest
Inara, Masterwork Mountain Kite of +2 Strength
Dahlia, MiC 73, Belt of Growth
Alieena, MiC 131, Sandals of Sprinting

The adventurers met Cain at Cairn stones by Crossroads between Ristramt and Thanesdorn, employed by Sir Cockburn to hunt down the Archbishop Lazarus. After teleporting down to his dungeon they met skeletons, some zombies, obligatory exploding barrels and soon thereafter they came upon the maddened King Leoric. After an earth splitting fight they defeated him and freed his tormented soul.

Within his coffin they found the entrance to the lower levels, to the Catacombs, an earthy dungeon where the floors are packed earth rather than cobbles and the walls are chiseled out of the rock of the deep ground itself. There they faced off against beastmen, explored through part of the Catacomb and came upon a hideous Gargoyle/Bullette hybrid in a room they promptly sealed immediately after opening, saving them their lives perhaps as there were at least half a dozen of the critters.

Their fight with the madman Lazarus saw him bounce around the room with his conjurations, though once his defences were debuffed he wasn't too hard to kill. Even so, his raw magical power almost scored points for the evil team just as Leoric almost did. In the end they got magical gubbins and return with untranslated scrolls for Cain to unravel the mysteries of for next time.