Kobold Cult Leader

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Syan Windpaw, level 2 wolfen fighter/rogue
Telsia, level 4 bunny wizard
Rhine, level 4 human barbarian
Mordred Alstreim, level 1 human wizard
Dahlia, level 2 human paladin
Krugash, level 2 gray orc druid
Inara, level 1 human paladin

Vladric Davidus, level 2 half-dragon cleric (CR 5)
24 kobold warriors (CR 6 total)
3 CR 2 traps (CR 2 each)

Syan, Mordred, Dahlia, Krugash, Inara: 900 xp for each
Telsia, Rhine: 829 xp for each

1,300 gp for each (bonus for taking Vladric alive)

Quest Summary:
The party was hired to take cult leader Vladric Davidus back from the kobolds who had sprung him from prison, dead or alive (with a bonus if alive). But that required them to descend into the lair of the kobolds. Making their way through the trap-filled catacombs, the party battled off the kobolds, and got their man.