Koganusân: A Giant Spider and a Forgotten Beast

Koganusân: A giant Spider and a Forgotten Beast

DM Name:

Mythiv Rallistance, Level 5, Warlock, Human
Conall, Level 4, Bard, Human Offworlder
Az Ur, Level 4, Changeling, Druid
Dart, level 1, human, Monk
Sanori, Wizard 2, Human
Miro Everglade, Level 2, Aasimar, Bard

1 Huge Monstrous Spider CR 5
1 Forgotten Beast(Nishruu) CR 6

Mythiv Rallistance: 625 xp
Conall: 667 xp
Az Ur: 667 xp
Dart: 750 xp
Sanori: 750 xp
Miro Everglade: 750xp

Character Name: Gold/Items, description/amount
Mythiv Rallistance: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth of items, Suffering from feeblemind
Conall: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth of items
Az Ur: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth of items
Dart: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth of items
Sanori: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth of items
Miro Everglade: 900 gold and 1000 gold worth or items

Quest Summary:

After impressing the dwarves by "Capturing" Fleshwing, Urist McMason set off once more to seek the aid of Az Ur and any adventurers he felt fit for the task. He rounded up the first bunch of losers he could find, as he was not exactly thrilled with the dwarves treatment of the eagle, although he was happy to find Fleshwing quite happily working in service of the Dwarven militia.

The dwarves explained that their mining activites had broken into an expansive underground chasm, and a strange beast none of them had ever heard of whom they dubbed Rotwilder the Flatulent had crawled up from the depths to plague their fortress. After McMason removed the glass wall they'd used to keep the cavern's critters out of the fortress, the party ventured inside where they encountered a monstrous spiders nest. As they were just starting to catch their breath after defeating it, Mythiv was attacked by the Forgotten beast itself, which none of the party could identify either. Thankfully, Az ur's choice of spells to combat the spider were still in effect and he was able to immediately discern they worked on the creature, despite his allies spells proving foolish choices as the creature was actually HEALED by their magics. While the rest of the party struggled to keep the Beast at bay, Az ur and his new dinosaur companion unleashed effective magics against the creature and send it back to whatever plane it came from!

They were rewarded handsomely, the dwarves offering more in goods than gold for their services however.