Korogo Tearhail
Korogo Tearhail
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Aliases: Red Hoof
Age: 18
Hair: Autumn Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'10" (without Antlers)
Weight: 260
Race: Large Ungulate (Red Elk)
Class: War Blade/Fighter 1/1
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Level: 2
Experience: 100
Hit Points: 30/30
Money: Plat=0, Gold=268, Silv=8, Copp=8
Current Status: Active
Played by TiberiumKnight


He stood a nice 6' 10" tall, his impressive set of antlers was another 1'8". This pushed the Red Elk's height to an imposing 8'6". Two long ears showed, his 'hair' was a nice autumn red. The belly fur was a lighter tan, his hooves were pale, almost a white gray. He had muscles, and brilliant green eyes. He was by no means mistaken for anything but a warrior.