Kythons on the Streets

DM Name: Darkmask


Rodur Ogrecrusher: Level 8 Dwarf Warblade
Nox: Level 6 Beastfolk Psychic Knight
Tirzah 'Aria' Selah: Level 8 Human Bard
Victor Silas: Level 8 Human Warlock
Zylos: Level 6 Beastfolk Fighter


1) Shadow Impaler Kython, CR 9
2) Shadow Impaler Kython, CR 9
3) Half-Fiend Gnoll 9th Level Ninja, CR 13


Rodur: 4320 EXP
Nox: 6480 EXP
Tirzah: 4320 EXP
Victor: 4320 EXP
Zylos: 6480 EXP


Rodur: 2800 Gold, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Ring of Protection +2
Nox: 6300 Gold, Boots of Swift Passage
Tirzah: 5800 Gold, Transposer Cloak
Victor: 800 Gold, Shirt of the Leech, Ring of Mind Shielding
Zylos: 8800 Gold

The following items were also found on the Half-Fiend Gnoll, but were turned into the guard as evidence:

Amber Amulet of Vermin (Giant Stag Beetle) 600 Gold
Aberrant Sphere 1400 Gold
Bag of Tricks (Tan) 3150 Gold
Hat of Disguise 900 Gold
Bracers of Armor +3 4500 Gold
+1 Seeking Dragonbone Shortbow (+4) 4387.5 Gold
Crystal of Return, Lesser 500 Gold
20 Arrows of Biting 253 Gold each
20 Adamantine Arrows 60 Gold each
5 doses of Kython Poison (B) (DC 12, 1d6 CON 1st/2nd) 50 Gold each
4 doses of Kython Poison (J) (DC 15, 1d6 CON 1st/2nd) 150 Gold each
3 doses of Kython Poison (A) (DC 18, 1d6 STR 1st/2nd) 250 Gold each

Quest Summary:

It was a peaceful night, the sun was setting was adventurers were well aware that soon the curfew would be upon them, forcing them to turn in for the night. At once, however, peace was shattered as riot rang through the streets, people screaming in terror as a pair of 'monsters' had been spotted. Running out, the group was stunned, but particularly Zylos, Rodur, and Nox, as they immediately recognized the beasts, the abhorrent terrors of the Kython has ventured out of their hives, two large representatives threatening the poison merchant that had sent the expeditions earlier into the hives was cornered.

They very well couldn't just watch idly as Kythons roamed the street, so they engaged them, these particular breeds stronger than the normal aberrations they were used to, as not only were they sleeker and faster, but seemed to bleed into the shadows themselves, evading their attacks. Finally, the party proved victorious and came to confront the merchant, who only seemed surprised that the Kythons had started attacking the city far sooner than he had expected. Before he could be pressed for more knowlegde, Victor attacked, and forced the cloaked mystery man on the defensive, the rest of the party joining in when the strange man started attacking them as well. The cloaked figure flew into the air, sprouting bat-like wings and using powerful magical items to summon aberrations, animals, and vermin to slow the party down, however with the assistance of their own earned powers and abilities, coupled with the holy words beautifully cast from their bard's, Tirzah's, lips, he was felled, sent crashing to the earth.

Before they could hope to take his cadaver to the temple to have it raised or questioned, the body started to blacken and burn, only before the body was left as a husk of ash did they discover the salesmen was in fact a fiendish gnoll, and from the look of his unholy symbol was a servant of Yeenoghu, just as Doresain was before him. Just what was Yeenoghu planning, why send his minion to attack the Kythons? It appeared more questions than answers were given as the threat of the Kythons and the mysterious intentions of the Demon Prince, Yeenoghu, loomed over the safekeeping of Avalon and its inhabitants.

XP and REP awarded by Scathien