Kythons, Yeah I went there.

DM: Dallys

Myr, Level 1 Changeling Sorcerer
Stray, Level 3 Human Cleric
Shelindria, Level 3 Half-Drow Shadowcaster
Nyx, Level 3 Warlock/Cleric
Aerybeth, level 1 Elven Paladin
Remhoraz, Level 1 Beastfolk Wizard
Serenity, Level 2 Human Wilder
Lily, Level 2 Beastfolk Monk

16 x Kython Broodling (CR 1 each)

600 for each person

Treasure rewards:
450 Gold pieces for each


Under the employ of a Gnome archaeologist, the party went deep into the swamp to investigate an old ruin. It didn't take long to attract the denizens of the structure, swarms of baby kythons soon rolled over the party, they were able to beat back the majority of them, but when the larger members of the brood appeared, the party wisely decided to return to Avalon and report their findings. A strangely happy gnome still decided to pay them their gold.