Lead Op Responsibilities

The Lead Operator of the Therafim site and channel has final say in all matters relating to Therafim, and is able to override the decisions of all other Staff and players as needed. Generally, the Lead Op will abide by the decisions of other Operators, but can act as a final voice of arbitration or appeal in all cases if it is felt necessary by any persons involved in a situation.

The Lead Op, however, is not allowed to promote Staff to any level without the approval of at least a two-thirds majority of the other Operators in the case of lesser Staff, or complete agreement from the other Ops in the case of adding additional Operators. Such voting may be done via private messages or through public discussion, depending on the situation, either because of convenience or privacy issues.

The Lead Op is the primary one with authority to award Reward Points, or REP, and also the primary one who handles their expenditure. All those wishing to spend REP must contact the Lead Operator when possible (or another Op when it is not) and provide an itemized list of their desired REP expenses, along with an explanation for the expenses.