Lesbians from Space

Lesbians from Space (Liadan's Paragon Quest)

DM Name: OmniIbis (Ibis)


Liadan – Level 4 Fae Dragon Thing Sorcerer
Eve White – Level 13 Changeling Wizard Thing
Jack – Level 1 Human Scout Thing
Seren Arc – Level 13 Human Dragon Sorcerer Thing

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):

Storyline Quest – Managed not to kill anything!

Everyone: 1,000 xp

Everyone: 10,000 gp (He was a crazy person hiring you after all)

Quest Summary:

So it’s like this, dig it? Sira the cleric was swamped in paperwork one day, sent a letter to changeling Evie to grab a dragon and a fey for a dangerous quest, Jack tagged along to help with the duress. One magic carpet ride later, a purple hole opened in the sky, gith raider ship appearing up high. The heroes go investigating, and find four air gensai escaping their bonds of capture, stolen damaged ship being their rapture. They carry with them a mystic treasure, a noble djinn right out of religion trapped in an orb enjoying some secret pleasure. Eve let the djinn out, though it was angry at that route. Instead of wishes, it cleared the dishes, fixed the ship, reached into a rip right in Liadan’s skull, pulled out a power lull inside, before it went back into the orb to hide. The day won, the heroes said goodbye son to the air gensai, and went off to fly back to Avalon. And that’s how it was done.

XP and Rep Awarded by Hopey