Just north of the middle of the Kudurru mountain range, on its northeastern side, the well-fortified city of Lichthamner waits, watching the world around it with never-sleeping eyes. Founded by a former paladin who had become utterly corrupted by the powers of evil, seeking power and wealth more than the greater good, selfishness more than service, Lichthamner is a ruthless military dictatorship that deals openly with the goblinoids of Rimevast, so much so that the goblinoids often think of Lichthamner as one of their own cities, though it is still dominated by Lichthamner himself (an epic-level blackguard kept alive through the use of anti-aging magic) and his many children, and their crack troops. Lichthamner is also noted for being involved in military and strategic actions against other nations across the northern regions of the world, and its spies and agents are often the cause of successful raids by goblinoids on settlements that were less prepared to root out the enemies within their own ranks.

Major Races: Humans, goblinoids, evil giants, beastfolk (primarily sirius), kobolds.

Government: Military Dictatorship.

Nation Alignment: Lawful Evil

Major Cities:
Lichthamner Keep: The center of Lichthamner's rule, Lichthamner Keep is an impressively-fortified castle, made of cement reinforced with adamantine, the result of a combination of Lichthamner's military genius and duergar craftwork. Here Lichthamner sits in the middle of his many lines of strategy and intrigue, the mastermind over many efforts at once, trusting no one with the responsibilities of more than carrying out his orders. A lesser mind would crumble under the strain, but Lichthamner is a genius without compare, and he intends to be alive for a very, very long time to come. The only ones that Lichthamner trusts to any degree are the sirius he personally trained from birth, not even his own wives and children having the same level of trust that he gives to these utterly devoted and elite dog soldiers.

Lichthamner Keep is considered impregnable by most, set into the Kudurru mountains, and accessible only by well-trapped and guarded Underdark passages, or by a narrow, winding road leading up to the forbidding structure, and loaded with the finest set of defenses that an evil military genius could devise over more than a century of life, complete with some of the most well-disciplined and fearless dog soldiers on Therafim.

Thule: An undercity, Thule was first dug into the Underdark by Lichthamner as an emergency bunker. However, as its construction and planning progressed, it quickly grew into something far more, especially when the development encountered a group of kobolds and the deep dragon they worshiped. Now a major trading post between the fertile lands above and the kobolds, who in-turn trade with others, running much of the mercantile efforts in the city, Thule provides easy food to a good part of the Underdark for a more-than-decent profit, though Lichthamner, evil as he is, enforces very strict trading laws, which help to keep prices fair. The deep dragon Nightclaw acts as the unofficial ruler of the kobold population of Thule, though he never sets talon in the city himself.

Kleiver: To the north of Lichthamner Keep, the frigid city of Kleiver is the breadbasket of Lichthamner, as well as its primary point of contact between the goblinoids and giants from Rimevast, with whom it trades regularly, and who provide a large part of the military force in the city.