Little Girl Lost

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Vivian, levle 1 lightlost human psychic rogue
Octavi, level 1 human druid
Nyx Argyris, level 3 drow cleric/warlock
Kevarl, ECL 4 izakar draconic sorcerer

4 gnolls and 1 dretch (CR 1 and 2 each, CR 5 total)

Kevarl: 400 xp
All others: 450 xp for each


  • 600 gp for each, bounty from selling parts of the Gated dretch and for saving the girl.
  • Part can choose from the following: masterwork spear or axe, or masterwork Light or Medium armor, taken from the gnolls.

Quest Summary:
While the party were traveling, they stopped at a small town just north of the Shatterlands, on the edge of the thick woods there. However, as they were settling in for the night, the town mayor's daughter went missing. The party were kind enough (or inspired by greed enough) to go and search for her. What should have been a simple retrieval mission, however, soon turned deadly, as they discovered the child was about to be cooked by gnolls! The party engaged the gnolls, and defeated them soundly, even after one of them used a weak Gate item to summon a dretch.