Little Girl Lost in Undeath

DM Name: Darkmask


Mythiv Rallistance: Level 3 Human Warlock
Liliana Raventide: Level 4 Human Psion
Sihak: Level 4 Beastfolk Barbarian


1) Carrion Crawler, CR 4
2) Carrion Crawler, CR 4
3) Camouflaged Pit Trap, CR 1
4) Slaymate, CR 2
5) Necropolitan 5th Level Necromancer, Leonard Balam, CR 5


Mythiv: 1700 EXP
Liliana: 1534 EXP
Sihak: 1534 EXP


Mythiv: 2300 GP and a Potion of False Life
Liliana: 2300 GP and a Potion of False Life
Sihak: 2300 GP and a Potion of False Life

Quest Summary:

It had been a week since two parents had lost their little girl in a cemetery, while visiting their grandmother's headstone she just suddenly vanished, causing her parents deep distress. They searched high and low for days, from dawn until dusk in the graveyard … well, everywhere they were permitted, but to no avail. Seeing the couple so distraught, the graveyard keeper said there was place she might have wandered off to, the Balam Crypt, but it was locked tight as it had beloned to the Balam family, a high class family in town who had been to the crypt in years, not since their eldest son Leonard Balam was laid to rest there. The gravekeeper recommended hiring some adventurers to search for them, knowing how dangerous a crypt can be, and this Mythiv, Liliana, and Sihak answered the call, although all had little hope they would find the girl alive.

On their way to the Balam Crypt, they happened upon a couple of graverobbing Carrion Crawlers, having burrowed up a rather fresh coffin for an evening snack. Deciding they couldn't the foul smelling beasts threaten this cemetery, they met with them, exchanging blows. Sihak was overcome by their fierce paralysis, however together they defeated the aberrant corpse-eaters, deciding they would try and talk to the gravekeeper into a reward for their extended service.

Once in the crypt, it appeared dark and perilous, Mythiv succumbing to a pit trap and falling several feet to a hard landing, before they happened upon a fit of crying from a small girl. Approaching her, she ran off, her skin sluggly white and her teeth broken, leaving her with swollen cheeks and a sad look on her face. They gave chase, until she ran into the final chamber of the tomb.

There they met upon Leonard Balam, who appears to not have died as the rumors indicated, but seemed to instead be locked up by his family to hide his happenstance into the life of necromancy and a life as a willing undead. He had stolen the young girl, sired her, killed her, and turned her into his "pet" to strengthen his necrotic magics. Having heard enough, the adventurers moves to slay the foul, heartless man, Sihak raging towards him, Mythiv cleverly holding his action until he can disrupt the undead's spells, and Liliana attacking his mind directly. Leonard wasn't about to lay back and die again though, ordering his little pet to attack, the poor girl obeying and infection Liliana with some strange disease. After a hard fought fight, though, the horrible necromancer was sent back to Hell and the little girl freed … if for only how long she would be allowed to live as an undead.

Sihak and Mythiv would venture back to collect their rewards later, leaving Liliana to deliver the girl back. Once they saw their daughter, though, the two parent burst into tears, pulling the little undead girl towards them. It seemed they did not care that their daughter was now an undead, as long as she was with them once more …

… it would only be the next day after an incubation period that Liliana would realize the extent of the disease the little girl had given to her …

Exp awarded by Jennibear