Little Mouths, Big Threats

DM Name: TiberiumKnight

Cecilia, Level 3 Human Wizard
Az Ur, Level 1 Changeling Druid
Zander, Level 1 Husky Beast Folk Ranger
Layla Merle, Level 3 Changeling Wizard

3 CR1 Baby Bulettes

Each Character gains 300 experience.

Each Character gains 500gp, and 2 Cure Light Wounds Potions.
Gold from the Farmers, and Potions from the Goblin Shaman.

The Party was called forth by a Farmer's boy, who lead them to the three Brothers that owned the Farms furthest to the South east, just outside of Avalon's walls, and at the edge of the forest. They found that Something was ravaging the farms, stripping them clean, even live stock.

With a little investigating, Zander liturally sniffed out the fact that Bulette were the cause of these woes.

Soon after they set out into the forest to investigate the goblin villages that were said to be very near by, Harmless to the farmers, only stealing a few crops here and there, and never attack people or live stock. The Party found an interesting sight, Goblins hidding atop things, particularly buildings, and trees, and shreiking about 'big mouthed land sharks'. Sure enough, with a quick spot, the party saw three little tips of snouts sticking out of the dirt, the 'land sharks' were waiting for targets to get to the ground.

It was interesting but quick work, with a few spells, particularly Color Spray to render two of the little eaters unconscious, and a Glitter dust and a few fire based, and Acid based spells to put it down. The party came out rather unscathed, save for a small scratch on Zander. The little brutes were dealt with quickly and efficiantly, but Babies means there are Adults somewhere. The Goblins' chief rewarded the PCs with 2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds each. All that the Goblins could spare.

For the time being, the initial threat has been dealt with, and reported back to the farmers who were ever so greatful.