Lord of the Sands

Aerybeth Lightsworn, level 8 Paladin
Cerulean: Level 5 Bard
Liadan: Level 8 Sorcerer
Raydair: Level 6 Cleric/Rogue/Shadowbane Stalker
Saera: Level 4(ECL 5) Rogue/Cleric/Shadowspy


Gargantuan Monstrous Scorpion: CR 10
Nessian Hellhound: CR 9
Young Adult Blue Dragon(Vorox, Lord of the Sands): CR 11

XP reward:
5 - 5400(6400)xp
6 - 4680(5680)xp
8 - 3120(4120)xp

Bonus XP: For their unique and non-violent solution to the quest, I reward each of the part members an extra 1000xp. Good work! Extra XP added in ().

One item up to their MIL.

Aerybeth and Cerulean are rewarded an extra 3000gp each as a reward from the impressed Blue.
Saera finds a Scroll of Fireball during her theft, as well as ancient lore.

All members of the party have the Curse of the Forgotten Archipelago lifted from them.


Hired out by an Emissary of the Council of Archmagi, Jaris, they are sought to go to a forgotten desert to retrieve an ancient piece of lore of the Forbidden Gods among a blue dragons hoard. After fighting their way past an enormous scorpion, who eventually decided they weren't worth the meal, the team eventually made their way to the dragons cavern, where through a combination of bardic flair and talent, as well as a back up choir by a luscious paladin, combined with the cunning and sneakiness of a shadowy spy, they stole the necessary lore while even being rewarded for their beauty!

XP awarded by da Hopey