Lucy the Generous [Pt1]

DM: Pale

Participants: All level 1-3
Gram Chandler

Drug Induced Deathly Hallucination & Riddles
Mysterious Leprechaun-like Thing
Rainbow Bridge of Deadliness
Wilderness & Critters

Experience Modifiers:
Conall N/A
Gram Chandler N/A
Kessek +10% No appreciable periods of inactivity.
Lucius +10% No appreciable periods of inactivity.
Miren -50% Although present in the quest rooms, there was no sense of participation.

1,000XP to Conall and Gram
1,100XP to Kessek and Lucius
500XP to Miren

500gp Each, a small advance payment from their Wizardly employer.

Misc Loot:
Two squirrels
'Phat lewt' next quest

Quest Summary:
The quest began in a haunted landscape, in which each of the adventurers was completely alone. Nothing but the jaundice light of a sickle moon overhead, and the rustling of skeletal trees like wind through a punctured accordian. Confusing though it may have been, one of their number solved a riddle to free themselves from the perculiar ensorcellment and they slowly returned to normality.

They had been hired by a Wizard to determine whether some old fables had any grounding in truth, and for that they had been listening to the 'Tales of Five Sages.' Only mid way through, someone had knocked the vial that put the party unconscious. The story of Lucy the Generous was told to the then impatient adventurers, and they were on their way, with instructions to find the location of Lucy's supposed resting place and also to close the gate on their way out.

Finding the place was simple with a few skilled survivalists in the party, and the road was rough but brisk to travel upon. The journey would take two days, and on the first they found a perfect venue to camp - thus avoiding natures wrath. On the second day they arrived at the banks of a raging river, too wide and dangerous to cross for miles around. A strange Leprechaun like creature offered them passage, if they could solve its riddle, but fail and they were to be dragged to the depths. Sadly, depending on your perspective, the riddle was solved and despite the offer of further gambling against their lives for massive profit they declined and made the Leprechaun hold up its end of the bargain to let them cross over the river.

A bridge of rainbow light allowed them to cross to the other side, though the treasures ostensibly hidden in the river magically mesmerised some of the party and they almost drowned when the bridge began to fade away beneath them. Conall saved the day, helping drag people to safety, and soon they were at their destination, near it anyway.

The forest they came to corresponded perfectly to the map they'd been given by the wizard, and they found a crevasse leading into Lucy's underground resting place. Although the forest was lush with life as they arrived, there were things amiss. No birds sang, animals were silent, the flowers budded, but they didn't bloom. And when they looked into the crevasse, aside from it being dark, none of the stones had any moss or vegetation upon them whatsoever. It lacked the foul reek of undeath that some of the party had been expecting, but left much unanswered…..

To be continued.

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