All main courses are served with hot rolls, buns, or toast and come with three side dishes. You may select your chosen side dishes from the following list: boiled turnips, wild greens with our famous vinegar sauce, baked apples smothered in brown sugar, boiled tender carrots, baked butternut squash with a buttery sugar sauce, tender new potatoes, deep fried chips, or sauteed mushrooms and onions.

All of our main courses cost 7 sp each and come with one serving of ale, mead, wine, or hot tea. Free refills of drinking water are available upon request, just motion to the wench with the water pitcher. Yes dearest, the cost is a tad high, but isn't it worth it to have something a bit more than a bit of hardtack and some dried out slab of cured meat? Trust me, you won't be eating this good anywhere else!

Steak and Kidney Pie: Try a heaping hunk of our delicious steak and kidney pie. Slow baked for perfection, this beauty is stuffed with mushrooms, peas, carrots and onions. A popular favorite with our sailor lads who hail from the northern shore!

Steak: Nearly 12 ounces of prime cut beef, served in a rich gravy with onions and mushrooms. Your choice of cooking, though we personally recommend medium rare. After all, it's been months since you had a nice, juicy slab of cow isn't it, mate?

Lamb Chops: Ahh, young lamb, freshly killed before it could have a chance to become mutton, and it's delicate little chops served up for your carnivorous pleasure! Hungry yet? Served in a special wine and herb sauce that would delight both distinguished gentlemen and drooling sharks alike. This one is well worth the journey across the high seas in your search for the treasure of decent food!

Roast Mutton: Okay, so maybe you're more into the taste of mutton after all. Try our slow roasted mutton, tender as any little lamb but with the appropriate bit of age and flavor that only good mutton could hope to offer. Though you'll surely want to devour into this delight, take some time to enjoy the rich flavor of our specially blended bastings.

Pork Chops: Ahh yes, pork chops! What tired, hungry sailor could turn down a good pork chop? Ours are slow cooked for delicate perfection.

Flounder And Shrimp: After all those miles and miles of nothing but water and you still want seafood? Hey, with quality flounder as this, we can hardly blame you! Hearty flounder, baked or grilled over a roaring fire of fine hickory logs, and served with a special blend of lemon pepper and other savory herbs. Included with each scrumptious side of flounder are half a dozen of our largest, savory grilled shrimp.

Shrimp Basket: Oh, a shellfish lover are ye? Patches is too and he highly recommends the shrimp basket. Twenty one pieces of the largest shrimp that any hungry sailor could ever hope to encounter along with our secret cocktail sauce. We recommend the chips as a choice side dish for this one!

Crab Legs: A basketful of delicious crab legs, served with a cup of drawn garlic butter. Mallet included, what more could you ask for?

Boiled Crayfish: A basket of two dozen delicious crayfish, seasoned with Patches' secret formula of bold, flavorful spices. Also included is a cup of drawn garlic butter.

Cornish Hen: A whole, stuffed game hen all for your own greedy enjoyment. Gluttony at its finest? We think so! Our game hens are stuffed with the finest bread and herb dressing and baked to perfection.