Maddening Whispers

Enchantment (Compulsion)[Mind-Affecting]
Level: Sorcerer/wizard 8
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets: One creature/level
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

As you mutter this spell, your words burrow into your foes’ minds like hungry maggots, spawning dark and disturbing thoughts.

You can choose to inflict one of the following conditions upon any creatures that fail their saving throws.

Hysteria: The subjects fall into fits of uncontrollable laughing or crying (equal chance for either). This hysteria affects subjects as though they were nauseated; they are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else requiring attention. The only action a subject can take is a single move action per turn.

  • Panic: The subjects become panicked. If cornered, a panicked creature cowers.
  • Violent Hallucinations: The subjects perceive any nearby creatures as dangerous enemies, attacking the nearest ones and fighting until the subjects are slain or until no more creatures are in sight.
  • Stupor: The subjects curl up on the floor and remain oblivious to events around them. Characters in a stupor are effectively stunned and prone.