Magic Changes on the World of Therafim

Changes to the Magic System of Therafim:

All casters are spontaneous in their casting. This is represented by the fact that Therafim is abundant with magic, and as such, all classes are easily capable of simply sending magic out when its needed.

Casters that previously could not learn new spells(Such as Bards or Sorcerers, for example), may now learn new spells from their spell list at the cost of 500gp per level of the spell. 0 level spells are considered 1st level spells for this. If the scroll for the same spell would normally cost more (such as permanency), you instead use that cost. You may only learn spells on your spell list. This is done to close the power gap created by divine casters and formerly prepared casters now casting spontaneously. This applies to Bards, Sorcerers, Duskblades, and Hexblades only at this time.

Pearls of Power are banned, as they do not exist in Therafim where no casters prepare spells. Anyone who has one can refund it for its GP worth. Memento Magica are used instead. (Pending)

Any requirement that would normally require a prepared caster instead requires spontaneous casting(Arcane or Divine, depending the requirement. Don’t try to get Divine feats or classes for arcane classes and vice versa, the Ops will hurt you.) Again, this is to close the errors made because prepared casters do not exist here.