Magic Mayhem

Quest Title: Magic Mayhem

DM Name: Tbg

Sentrosi, level 7, human, sorcerer
Tialys, Level 8, High Elf, Sorcer
Vladilena, Level 7, Fighter/Barbarian/Warblade, Halfling
Shalya, Level 8 Swordsage/Cleric/Divine Oracle. High elf
Naeyla, Level 7, Swashuckler/Rogue/Fighter, Human
Inara, Level 7 paladin, human
Kiran, Level 6, Swordsage, human
Galen, Level 8, Monk 5/Drunken Master 3, Human
Aerybeth, Level 6 Elven Paladin


- Trap – Lighting blast (DC 20) & Fear Trap (DC20; fail means -2 to all)

- 2 Clay Golems

Sentrosi, level 7 - 1633
Tialys, Level 8 - 1178
Vladilena, Level 7 - 1633
Shalya, Level 8 - 1178
Naeyla, Level 7 - 1633
Inara, Level 7 - 1633
Kiran, Level 6 - 1900
Galen, Level 8 - 1178
Aerybeth, Level 6 - 1900

2040 gp each.

Magic Items (note, the first item CANNOT be sold oog for any money):
Sentrosi - Hairbrush (changes hair color 3x week), Abberant Sphere (MiC page: 149)
Tialys – Feather duster (dusts 3 rooms per day on command), Stormfire Ring (MiC p:206),
Vladilena – Maroon scarf (changes to a maroon winter coat on command; human sized), ring of sustenance
Shalya – A golden rose (creates bouquet, of any ‘normal’ type, 3x day), +1 acidic chain mail
Naeyla – Talking coin purse (keeps count of coins inside; nasally voice), Necklace of Fireballs type 2
Inara – Small hand mirror (applies make up 2x on command), crystal of arrow deflection, lesser
Kiran - Emerald egg (makes bath salts 1/day), ring of darkhidden
Galen – a small statuete of a man w/ a wand (creates scented bubbles 5x day), Vest of Resistance +2
Aerybeth – Oil cube (1x day, secrets scented massage oil), shield of mercy (MiC page: 21)

Quest Summary:

Responding to an add for work, the various folks showed up. Apparently this mage was worried when he couldn’t gain access to an associate’s house. All the magical wards were up. Despite some hesitation on some of their parts, the group pushed forward regardless.

After getting BLASTED by a heavy spell (and using quite a bit of healing)…the following battle was not nearly as dangerous. With the various buffs on the party, no one was seriously injured by the 2 golems that a foolish little lady decided to active by ramming through a door face-first.

Of course while they were distracted, the fellow who hired them snuck in. He took something off the desk of the dead man but missed the companion book before the heroes arrived. He escaped before they could react. The book left behind was a log book of some kind, referring to old ‘place of power’.