Malignant Harvest

DM Name: Darkmask


Layla Merle: Level 3 Changeling Illusionist
Uss D'mzil: Level 2 Changeling Soulknife
Reid: Level 4 Human Swashbuckler-Rogue
Brian Love: Level 2 Beastfolk Bard
Conall: Level 4 Off-worlder Human Bard
Liliana Raventide: Level 4 Human Psion


1) Broodling, CR 1
2) Broodling, CR 1
3) Broodling, CR 1
4) Broodling, CR 1
5) Broodling, CR 1
6) Broodling, CR 1
7) Broodling, CR 1


Layla: 350 EXP
Uss: 350 EXP
Reid: 350 EXP
Brian: 350 EXP
Conall: 350 EXP
Liliana: 350 EXP


Layla: 525 Gold
Uss: 525 Gold
Reid: 525 Gold
Brian: 525 Gold
Conall: 525 Gold
Liliana: 525 Gold

Quest Summary:

It would appear once of the members of the early Kython exploration quests had spread the word to the right ones interested about these quite poisonous aberrations. With a notion to see if the poison could be harvested and sold, a quiet call for adventurers was placed, very word of mouth with the advice that an 'open mind' would be preferred. They would be going back to the old farmhouse, now that it seemed the normal adventurers working for the scholar were done with it, hopes that a bunch of the Kython cadavers could be brought back and cut open for their poison sacs. The mysterious quest-giver would not provide his name, but promised a reward for every body brought back, sending them on their way, Layla, who had been there before, leading the party to the Kython hive.

Arriving at the strange, abandoned farmhouse they manage to make their way into the caves themselves with only … minimal bruising, however the noise did manage to attract a swarm of Broodlings to the party's location, not even allowing them to explore the hive before they are attacked. Trading blows viciously, blood was drawn from both sides, and Conall ended up receiving a nasty sting, pumping the very poison they so coveted into his bloodstream, causing him to become pale and weak in the knees. Still, through perseverance the party stood together and overcame the aberrant threat, however, damaged and weakened, they decided not to tempt fate and left with the cadavers they were able to recover, seven in total.

In the end, their mysterious quest-giver was at least satisfied with the score, it wasn't impressive, he had hoped for something bigger, but the party had met his demands and were rewarded thusly. The man would work on the small bodies they had recovered and see about extracting the poison, if successful, they might want to keep their eyes peeled and ears open in case the job may be offered again.

EXP awarded by Jennibear