Malignant Harvest Part Two

DM Name: Darkmask


Layla Merle: Level 3 Changeling Illusionist (Guide only)
Cyrus: Level 3 Lightlost Human Warlock (Broodlings only)
Voss: Level 6 Duergar Beguiler (Broodlings and Juveniles)
Miyako Shizimu: Level 4 Human Rogue (Adults only)
Jenner: Level 5 Wolfen Beastfolk Barbarian Fighter (All encounters)
Liliana Raventide: Level 4 Human Psion (All encounters)
Nox: Level 5 Beastfolk Knight-Fighter-Psychic Warrior (All encounters)


1) Broodling, CR 1
2) Broodling, CR 1
3) Broodling, CR 1
4) Broodling, CR 1
5) Broodling, CR 1
6) Kython Juvenile, CR 3
7) Kython Juvenile, CR 3
8) Kython Juvenile, CR 3
9) Kython Adult, CR 5
10) Kython Adult, CR 5
11) Kython Adult, CR 5


Cyrus: 300 EXP
Voss: 750 EXP
Jenner: 1988 EXP
Liliana: 2100 EXP
Nox: 1988 EXP
Miyako: 1200 EXP


Layla: 225 Gold
Cyrus: 450 Gold
Voss: 1463 Gold, 1 dose of Kython Poison (B) (Injury, DC 12, 1st/2nd damage 1d6 CON, 100 gp value)
Miyako: 1800 Gold, 1 dose of Kython Poison (J) (Injury, DC 15, 1st/2nd damage 1d6 CON, 300 gp value)
Jenner: 3263 Gold, 1 dose of Kython Poison (J) (Injury, DC 15, 1st/2nd damage 1d6 CON, 300 gp value), Magical Item worth 1000 Gold
Liliana: 3263 Gold, 1 dose of Kython Poison (J) (Injury, DC 15, 1st/2nd damage 1d6 CON, 300 gp value), Magical Item worth 1000 Gold
Nox: 3263 Gold, 1 dose of Kython Poison (J) (Injury, DC 15, 1st/2nd damage 1d6 CON, 300 gp value), Magical Item worth 1000 Gold

Quest Summary:

It would appear the Broodling Poison from the previous expedition into the Kython Hive was a success, and the mysterious man was eager to increase his supply by whatever means necessary. Thus, with Layla by his side once more, he puts the word out for a new exploration, this time getting quite a number of adventurers to answer the call. Their quest was simple, follow Layla back to the Kython Hive and bring him more cadavers, although he off-handedly mentioned if they could bring him stronger bodies than just the young, that would be preferable.

Once at the hive itself, the party decided it would not waste all its efforts at once, Layla herself did not want to risk her well being in the caves, and others decided to only venture forth when they were needed, to hopefully stretch out their man power and increase the corpses they could gather. The first challenge was a swarm of Broodlings, Liliana noting the swarm was smaller than the one she had experienced the day before. Next was a group of Kython Juveniles, and despite their ferocity, they were unable to stand up, quite literally in fact, to Sir Nox's incredible trip chain skills.

As they ventured deeper in the caverns, deeper than even the initial parties had dared to go, some members of the party grew tired and left, while others would join when they felt strong, altogether the group was confident they could match any abhorrent evil that would against them. However, delving deeper into the tunnels, they came upon their strongest challenge yet, a group of Kython Adults, who were none to happy at having their home disturbed. At first the part fought valiantly, Sir Nox's skills once seeming to keep the fight once sided, that is until the Kythons proved to be more clever than the party had given them credit for, one leaping from the shadows where it had been hiding and attacking their psion, Liliana, infecting her bloodstream with poison. Nox having to turn his directions elsewhere, another Adult saw its opportunity and starts viciously tearing at their barbarian's flesh and skin, drawing blood. Even with the fortunate arrival of their roguish party member, Miyako, victory seemed not to come nearly as easily this time around. Torn, bloody, half the party tainted with the very poison they had come to harvest, to the point where Liliana's strength was all but gone, they left the Kython Hives, cadavers being drug behind them.

Back in Avalon they delivered they bodies to the mysterious merchant, who was excited to have the opportunity to sell ever rarer poisons, now having access to Broodling, Juvenile, and Adult poisons for the market. He made sure to reward the adventurers well, advising them to keep their ears open, less they miss the chance to explore the hive in the future …