Aliases: Zhentarim / "Various Derogatives"
Age: Adult
Hair: -
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6ft'3"
Build: Muscular
Race: Half-Orc Half-Bear Half-Pig
Class: Barbarian 1 / Fighter 4 / Crusader 2 / Marshal 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level: 7
Experience: 28,002
Hit Points: 106/106
Gold: 2,429 gp
Current Status: Active
Played by Pale

Marco is a bizarre mix of many difference races, though he identifies himself to three specific racial groups: Half-Orc, Half-Bear, and Half-Pig. There is clearly some lizard in there somewhere, probably, but like most mongrels he just accepts himself for what he is; it's the world that has a problem with it.

As an individual, he is a fierce opponent of evil and has no time to waste learning about laws or bureaucracy when there's a need for action. Overall he's a friendly person, happy to tell heroic tales or make friends, but he's also fairly bitter about the way the world treats people like himself and is quick to take offence on behalf of others if he sees or hears anything discriminatory going on. When the remarks or actions are directed towards himself, he can show a little more restraint, but he's no saint.