Mark Of The Fiend

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Octavi, level 1 human druid
Silk, level 1 catfolk monk
Yae Saryu, level 1 human warblade
Nerylos, level 3 lizard ranger

4 clockroaches (CR 1 each, CR 4 total)

338 xp for each

450 gp for each
Each party member may choose a single Masterwork ranged weapon, made by the halflings, as their special reward.

Nerylos - Masterwork Heavy Repeating Crossbow

Quest Summary:
The party came to the rescue as the halfling community just outside of Avalon City, at a time when most of the more active, adventurous halflings were out in their caravans still. At this time when the ones with courage and pluck were gone, two halfling children were trapped inside the cellar of the sheriff of halflingtown, just as a pack of nasty clockroaches were unleashed by the same vile force that had released other plagues on the communities of Avalon City, starting with acid sharks in the sewers. Defeating the roaches, the party saved the halfling children in the nick of time. This time, however, as the clockroaches had to be built somewhere, the party was able to find stamps that told where the creatures had come from, giving the first actual lead to who might be doing these terrible things. The clockroaches came from the forges of the duergar, in a community several miles into the Underdark, beyond Avalon City's Undercity.