Martial Art Template

This is where to provide the basic information on a martial art style

History and Founder
Where did the martial art style come from originally? Provide a basic overview of who founded the style, how it was established, some notable events of its past, and where it is now.

What is the undergirding philosophy that makes this into a coherent fighting style, and not just some fancy moves strung together by a skilled fighter in the past?

Reactions and Reputation
How well known is the martial art style, and how do people react to it when they hear about it? What groups regard practitioners positively, which negatively, and why?

Where to Receive Training
How widespread is training for this style, where can it be gotten, and what requirements must be passed in order to qualify for this style? Is it ancestral, and requires either blood lineage or adoption? Is it a military form, taught by a standing army? A peasant's or common person's style? Monastic, or belonging to some other specialized order?

Fighting Style
This is where to describe the look and feel of a style. Does it focus on punches, kicks, throws, ground fighting, weapons, a mix of the above, or something else entirely? This area should also include some of the more legendary feats which practitioners of this martial art style are known or rumored to perform or have performed.