Mechanical Messiah Part One

Quest Title: Mechanical Messiah Part One

DM Name: Malcolmwrynn

Ariel Seolla, 8th, Human, Duskblade
Damien Redd, 7th, Beastfolk(Raccoonfolk), Rogue4/Swashbuckler3
Eve White, 9th, Changeling, Wizard5/MageArcaneOrder4
Tirzah "Aria" Selah, 7th, Human, Bard

Challenges (Please list each encounter separately in the following format):
1st: 2 Warforged Fighters, 6th level.
2nd: 2 Warforged Fighters, 6th level.
3rd: 1 Warforged Leader, 'The Fategear', 8th level Barbarian.

Ariel: 1800 XP
Damien: 2200 XP
Eve White: 1400 XP
Tirzah: 2200 XP

Ariel: 3000 GP
Damien: 3000 GP
Eve: 3000 GP
Tirzah: 3000 GP

Quest Summary:
A tower along the city walls was assaulted by rogue warforged, under the command of an elder warforged known as the Fategear. Its motives were unclear, but it slew the guards and strung their corpses up for brutal display, raided their archives, and searched the arsenal, as if looking for something…the adventurers put a stop to it, but it seemed unconcerned…as if it KNEW it would RETURN. BEWARE.

XP and Rep awarded by Lisa